What’s in my Mane?

I’m often asked about my haircare regimen.  I don’t use any extensions and I color my hair, so the key to making my fine hair look full and healthy is all the wonderful products I use.OOTD Inspiration


Shampoo and Conditioner

The most important thing I do for my hair is use quality shampoo and conditioner.  I came across the Oribe product line in a magazine article.  I was intrigued by the feature product, Oribe Ultra Gental Shampoo and Conditioner.  The article promised the products were amazing for fine hair that tangles and listed several celebs who swore by them.  I just about chickened out when I saw the price tag $33 for 8.5 fluid oz., but I know it all starts with the right shampoo for my hair, so I went for it.  After just one trial of the Ultra Gentle Shampoo and Condition, I could tell an enormous difference.  After showering, detangling my fine hair is usually a beast, but this time, the brush slid right through my hair.

When I changed from blonde to red hair, I began using the Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.  If you’ve ever gone red, you know it is not an easy look to keep up.  It’s crucial to have a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colored hair; this is the absolute best I’ve found.

Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo
Conditioner for Beautiful Color

Another important aspect of any color maintenance regimen is tinted conditioner.  I use Alchemic Conditioner Red, $28.50 from Davines.  The tint in the conditioner will restore your hair’s luster and shine as the color naturally fades between appointments.  Red is one of the colors that fades most, so over the years, I’ve tried my share of tinted conditioners.  I’ve probably given at least five of them a good chance and this is hands down number one.  Davines Alchemic Conditioner Copper, 8.45 Fl. Oz.

Davines Tinted Conditioner for Red Hair
Shop the Davines Copper Alchemic Conditioner

Wait, I already said I use the Oribe conditioner, so which is it?  I mix them together in equal parts for the best results.  This stuff is like gold to me.  My hair used to look dull and have spots where the color had washed out after just four weeks, but Davines has my color lasting six weeks between appointments for root touch ups and the color looks just as beautiful as the first week.  Kevin at the Office Salon probably has a little something, or okay a lot something, to do with that too.  Love you Kevin!

Styling Products

Ojon Damage Reverse Serum, $25 has been a part of my hair care regimen since I received a free sample of it about a year ago.  Serum is crucial for taming flyaways and this one also strengthens weak hair and repairs split ends.


Ojon Damage Reverse Serum for Beautiful Hair

Osis Dust It, $10 (Amazon is the best place to buy it).

Osis Dust It is the best thing to happen to my hair

This stuff is magic!  Seriously, all of the nurses at my old job were obsessed with this stuff.  You have to see what this stuff does in seconds.  See my full post on Osis Dust It here.

Dust It by Osis- Hair Texturizing Powder
Game changer. Dust It is the only product in my hair.

You’ve probably heard by now that you shouldn’t be washing your hair daily by now.  I wash ever other or every two days.  It really does improve the over all health of your hair, but who cares if your hair is healthy if you look like a greaseball.

Drybar Dry Shampoo

I’ve got you!  Drybar Dry Shampoos are where it’s at.  I’ve tried a few of them and they are wonderful, see the full review.  The trick is to dry your roots with a hairdryer after you apply it.  Your hair will look like you’ve had a blow out even after a sweaty workout.

Drybar Dry Shampoo

These are my best hair hacks.  I’m still in search of the best light weight hair spray.  Comment below if you have one you love!


Kate Thakkar

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