What’s in my Bag: Daily Essentials All Women Should Carry

I’ve been putting off doing a “what’s in my bag?” post for a long time, mostly because I carry as much as I possibly can with me at all times.  Is that weird?  Do you do that?  I thought it might be fun to give you a tour of my bag and talk about my daily essentials.  I’m dying to know what are your daily must-haves.  These are the kind of things we women need to share!

What’s in My Bag:

  • Zebra Pens:  These are the creme de la creme of pens.  If you like a fine line and a no-smudge, no-nonsense pen, these need to be your go-to.  Before computer charting, I used to have to chart in tiny boxes on busy nursing flow-sheets and the smaller and neater you could write, the better your chart looked.  I’ve been hooked since.
  • Milk Makeup travel bag.  Sold out sadly, but shop other cute makeup bags below!
  • Variety of lipsticks (shop below).  One of my recent finds (the sample I’ve been carrying everywhere) The Balm: How ‘Bout Them Apples looks great on your lips and cheeks!
  • Button Bags are great for keeping medicine and other tiny gizmos like small hairties and bobby pins.  I keep these on hand for traveling especially, so I don’t have to take an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol or ibuprofen.
  • Moleskin because blisters will ruin your night and these babies work so much better than band aids.
  • Ear Buds.  I can’t grocery shop without them.
  • Chloe Perfume Roller Ball.  I have searched high and low for my signature scent.  Can’t help it, I get tired of smells and I move on quickly.  Chloe is here to stay.  This scent is easy on the nose and it’s not to sweet.  Roller balls are extra convenient for your bag because they don’t spill and they’re small enough for TSA.
  • Hand sanitizer.  Duh, I’m a nurse.
  • Dior So Real Sunnies.  Sunglasses are a must when the sun is out non-stop.  Check out this less expensive option for peepers on a budget.
  • Tangle Teaser.  Your hair will thank you.
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.  Odds are, if you’re out and that desperate for concealer, you probably need one that will get the job done in one step, that’s Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.
  • Nuxe Body Oil.  It’s called dry oil because of it’s less greasy feel.  I buy the Nuxe oil that has a shimmer to it and don’t worry, it’s subtle, you won’t look like you’ve just rubbed stripper all over your arms.  There is a non-shimmer version though.
  • Flint Roller: Perfect for the pet owner.  A lint roller that actually works and won’t stick to everything in your purse.  I am in no way sponsored by any of these products, but I can’t possibly plug Flint enough.  Mine has saved my day on so many occasions.

Shop My Bag:

I recently purchased the Uptown bag in white from Henri Bendel and I love it; who doesn’t love a monogrammed bag?  The Uptown is big enough to hold all of my essentials without feeling like I’m carrying luggage.  I recently went back for the matching wallet and I’m still waiting to receive it.  The wallet comes with a chain and looks to be big enough to carry the minimum essentials, like a cell phone and lip gloss.  Chain wallets are perfect for traveling, you don’t want to carry a huge bag while you’re sight seeing, but because it fits so nicely in your purse, you don’t have to pack it in your suitcase as an extra bag.  The chain wallet is also a great way to transition from day to evening.

Shop What’s In My Bag:

What are your daily essentials? I’m dying to know! Comment below.

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