What Guys Actually Want For Valentine’s Day

Shopping for your man on valentine’s day can be challenging.

I think we can all agree that not many men get excited about flowers, candy and sappy gifts, so the key to a successful V-Day gift for your guy is finding out exactly what he needs and wants.  Let’s face it, guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to Valentine’s day.  They end up dishing out expensive gifts, forced to write emotional cards and some girls have excessive expectations for the day.  If you’ve found yourself a catch, show him some love!  Whether you’ve been dating for a short period of time or married forever, I’m sure one of these gifts will be perfect for your man.

  1. The World’s First Duffle Suitcase with 19 Features.Gifts Guys Actually Want For Valentine's Day  Leather options in Oak (as seen above), Navy and Jet Black.  Canvas offered in Black with black leather trim.  This duffle is so cool and it’s only available on KickStarter (a funding platform for creative projects).  There are several buying options when you support the campaign, so check them out here.
  2. I got my hubby the Hook and Albert Leather Weekender Bag, $595 (also available in canvas options for $395).  It’s perfect for both of us for a weekend.  It’s large enough to fit our things and it unzips and turns into a garment bag which is perfect for attending out of town weddings.  He gets compliments on it every time we walk through the airport.  He’s definitely becoming more aware of how great it feels to accessorize with perfection, which I’m sure I don’t have to tell you is a benefit to myself!  Having a nice bag may not have been high on his list when he was younger, but now that we’re grown ups and he actually has it, he loves it.  We were talking about getting the above weekender bag for when he travels alone or when I’m bringing too many things for us to share a bag.
    Valentine's Gifts He'll Actually Be Excited About
  3. Up his shaving game with a High End Shaving Kit $68.  He’ll love the way his skin feels after he shaves with the safety razor and he’ll thank you again when you tell him replacement blades can be ordered on amazon for $10.54 for 100 blades.
    Valentine's Gifts He'll Actually Love


  4. Hydro Flask, Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $36.95.
    Valentine's Gifts He'll Actually Love

    The double wall vacuum sealed insulated stainless steel keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 6 hours.  Seriously, my friend forgot hers for a few hours in her car in the middle of a scorching Arizona Summer day and it stayed cold.  My hubby loves his water very cold, fresh out of the fridge.  I ordered this for him and he’s been drinking more water at work and it’s always cold and waiting for him on his desk.  #winning

  5. Customizable In Ear Music Buds, $175.  Sound is very important to men.  Hubs is pretty particular about the sound setup in our house; speaker location, quality, settings… (he was supremely disappointed to find out that our living room was wired backwards until he found a sound bar that can create surround sound without all the speakers set up).  Yes, BooBear, I’m sure I totally botched that explanation and the way a sound bar works is way more technical than that.  😉
    V-day gifts he'll actually love

    Torque t103z in-ear buds allow him to swap out three different filters or “valves” to optimize the acoustics of his favorite tunes. Also included are different-sized pads to ensure a snug in-ear fit, as well as volume controls and a microphone so he can take incoming calls if he carries his music library in his cell. Made from sturdy aluminum, these buds deliver impressive sound for their size.

  6. A better billfold.  I gifted Hubs a similar wallet to this Prada card holder (different Prada logo).  The saffiano leather holds up nicely and it holds a decent amount of cash and cards without being bulky.  Prior to that wallet, I bought him a card holder wallet that had a customized money clip with his initials.  I also had the hidden part of the money clip that fit into the card holder engraved with, “Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hain,” which means, “I love you,” in Hindi.

    Valentine's gifts he'll actually love
  7. Lululemon Commission Pant, $128.  Odds are, you are familiar with the awesomeness of wearing yoga clothes all the time, but your man may not fully understand this trend.  Bring him into the light!

    Valentine's gifts he'll totally love
  8. Quality Liquor.  Not sure what would liquor would impress him?  When my hubby graduated residency, it was a big deal.  We were going from being broke kids to his first job as a doctor (well sort of, he did another year of training after that to sub-specialize, but nevertheless, it was an enormous accomplishment).  I went to a fine liquor and wine store and chatted with one of the employees.  I told him the drinks my husband likes including what drinks he orders when he’s treating himself and the guy was able to recommend an amazing sipping bourbon.  For my man, the Jefferson’s 17 Year Old Presidential Select Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, $49.95.  I gave it to him with a card that had a bunch of sappy stuff in it, but I recall commenting that it was, “To celebrate the finer things in life that we would have ahead of us.”
    Valentine's gifts he'll actually enjoy


  9.   Apple TV, $64.99 or Netflix.  We all know how netflix works and if he hasn’t discovered it, wait, should you be dating him?  Just kidding, show him what he’s missing.   We recently upped our TV game with Apple TV and I’m so glad we did.  Apple TV makes it simple to subscribe to and watch free content on the Internet through hundreds of thousands of Podcasts. These free, On Demand programs offer content the cable networks can’t afford to offer. Finally the Apple TV is capable of receiving AirPlay streaming content from other Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook). If you can find it on the web and play it with those devices, you can stream it to your big screen TV and watch it using Apple TV.

    Valentine's gifts he'll actually love
  10. Hockey Tickets.  Nothing says I love you like watching grown men try to kill each other!  Go Hawks!
    Valentine's gifts he'll actually love
    Omg we were babies and I was blond (naturally)!

    I can’t leave you on that note!

    Valentine's gifts he'll actually love
    That’s better!

    Happy shopping!  Let me know in the comments below what you got your man!  I love hearing your stories!logosmallest

P.S.  If you’re still trying to figure out your Valentine’s Day plans, check out, “What Men Actually Want To Do On Valentine’s Day

Kate Thakkar

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Add Jefferson Ocean whiskey to the list! It travels and ages in its barrels from port to port all around the world and has a hint of sea salt flavor. 🙂


Thanks Katie! We’ll definitely give that a try!


I just ordered it for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing!

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