What Do Men Actually Want To Do For Valentine’s Day?

Feeling Stumped about what to do for v-day?  No worries.  I got you.

Valentine's Date Ideas

My husband and I have never been very into Valentine’s day.  I think it’s because we do a good job of showing each other we care on a daily basis.  We tell each other, “I love you,” before we part every day, leave notes for each other and try to make sure the other feels appreciated in general.  Feeling forced to do it on a particular day seems contrived.  Still, it’s a chance to be sweethearts and express ourselves, so we find some way to give into the ‘Hallmark Holiday’ every year.

One of my girlfriends has a tradition with her boyfriend that they do not take Valentine’s day seriously, instead they give gag gifts, go on dates they wouldn’t normally choose and give funny cards.  Last year, they took a sushi rolling class and had fun with it even though their sushi did not turn out like restaurant sushi.  I like the silly V-day; it definitely alleviates stress.

Funny V-Day Card/ date ideas

We’ve used the holiday as an excuse to try a great restaurant, only to be disappointed in the fixed menu that contained no regular items.

V-day date ideas he'll actually be into

We’ve gone on a ski trip and my Boo watched me tumble head over feet down a mountain because I had been skiing only once before, so I figured jumping on a double black was a good idea (we have video proof and it’s hilarious).  V-Day Date Ideas

We’ve had a house party for several of our close friends, at which, I may have been busted for bringing my dog to the rooftop pool, so he could dance with us (no animals allowed)- it was totally worth the fine!  The party was a big success because it took the stress of planning off everyone.

V-Day Dates He'll Actually Be Into
Silly dancing puppy.
V-Day Dates He'll Actually Be Into
Hosting can be stressful, but we still found time for some Valentine’s action.

This year, we are planning to enjoy one of our favorite date nights: wine and cheese at home.  It’s important to look at what both of you find fun and choose something you’ll both enjoy.  I’ve scoured the internet and asked people what to do.  Here’s what I’ve found…

what men actually want to do

  1. Be served beer every thirty minutes while they play video games uninterrupted. Hmmm…  Video games on Valentine’s day.  What what?  This may be a dude’s dream, but I’m thinking this should be reserved for Father’s day or something more for just men because Valentine’s day is for ‘couples’.  If this is something your man would die over, I’d say maybe you should each get a day over the weekend to be pampered in your own way.  Or, we enjoyed playing vintage video games on our wii one Christmas, so perhaps if you’re not feeling it, that may be a solution to let your guy to geek out on something other than world of warcraft.  I still want that Super Mario Bros rematch!V-Day Date Ideas that Men Actually Want To Do
  2. Have sex.  Well, duh.
  3. Netflix and Chill.  Always a fav in our house.  If your man doesn’t have Netflix or Apple TV, both make awesome gifts and you can set it up and enjoy on your date night.

    V-Day plans he'll definitely be into
    Um yes…
  4. Go out for a nice steak dinner.  Great idea, just be weary of fixed menus.
  5. Have a home-cooked meal.  I love cooking for my husband because he hangs out in the kitchen keeping me company and drinking wine with me.V-Day Dates He'll Actually Be Into
  6.  Ignore the whole V-day shenanigans and just do something fun.  The label totally ruins it for some people, so lose it and make plans for a great date.V-Day Dates He'll Totally Be Into
  7. Go to a sporting event.  It’s hockey season, if you can’t get tickets for V-Day weekend, they do make a nice gift and he’ll be excited for a future date he’ll enjoy.  Go Hawks!V-Day Dates He'll Actually Be Into
  8. Do something extremely chill like fast food.  If she’s up for taco bell on V-Day, wife her. Valentine's date ideas he'll totally be into
  9. Do something active like ski or if you live in the Southwest, like we do, get some quality one on one time on a hike.

    V-Day Dates He'll Totally Be Into
    To all of my Phoenix area friends, if you start you’re hike up Piestewa Peak an hour before the sun sets, you’ll get a gorgeous view of the mountains right at sunset and there will still be enough foot traffic to keep any dangerous wildlife away. Be sure to bring a flashlight for the hike down.
  10. Get really tipsy on something romantic like Champagne.  We don’t often pick up a nice bottle of Champs, but sometimes it’s fun to have one, two, three, okay six glasses of Champagne.  It’s not super classy, but it is fun!V-Day Date Ideas he'll actually be intoHave fun planning the perfect surprise!  Already have plans?  Share your V-Day plans in the comments below!logosmallest

P.S.  If you haven’t figured out the perfect gift for him, read “What Guys Actually Want For Valentine’s Day

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