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I usually devote Wednesdays to inspirational artists who drive me to be creative by creating wearable art.  Today, I’d like to celebrate some of my favorite wearable technology pieces.

About a year and a half ago, I read that Tory Burch was teaming up with FitBit to create a stylish version of the biometric tracker.

Tory Burch Fashionable FitBit.
This classy little gaget tracks your movements all day without dragging down your ensemble.  Photo credit: ITBusineesEdge

There are now several other fashionable fitness trackers to choose from.

Check out these beauties on Live Science.

Diane Von Furstenberg is know for her iconic wrap dress, but she doesn’t just do classy dresses, the once Princess has created a fashion forward set of Google specs.

Diane Von Furstenberg's Google Glass Eyewear
The Smart glasses I’d actually feel cool wearing.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Case Mates to release wearable tech bracelets and chargers.

Rebecca Minkoff's Couture Chargers and Tech Bracelets
The chain-link Bracelet alerts the wearer that they have received an important message or phone call, while the lightning Bracelet sincs and charges via bluetooth, for a less distracting way to charge you phone.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Google is also getting in on the glam way to get notifications!

Ringly is an 18K gold ring with a semi-precious stone that notifies the wearer of an important phone call or message. Though it’s a little big at this stage of the game, it is a little less conspicuous than checking your cell phone every five minutes.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Intel releaces smart bracelets that you’ll want to wear with every outfit.  MICA- pronounced Meeka is short for “My Intelligence Communications Accessory.”  Mica will deliver social media messages and location related messages/ GPS in partnership with Yelp and Tom Tom.

For more specs related to MICA. Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Tague Heurer has announced the new smart watch partnered with Android.  This luxury beauty is certainly one to watch for.  For more information visit Wearable.

I can’t wait to see this product!  Photo Credit: Wearable

I used to dream about this stuff when I was a kid.  The future is upon us my friends!


Kate Thakkar

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