Universally Flattering Dresses: They Work On All Body Types!

We’ve all experienced walking to the department store dressing room, arms heavy with merch, accompanied by an optimistic employee eager to move in as your style-bestie only to exit the dressing room empty-handed and exhausted.  There are not many, but I promise you, there are universally flattering dresses that look good on every type of figure.

How can a dress that looks great on a 2 be universally flattering on everyone from bean pole to curvaceous?  The secret is the fit and flare silhouette.  Dresses that are tighter through the natural waistline (the smallest part of the waist, which is different from person to person, but usually rests slightly higher than the belly button), and flare out at the hips are considered “fit and flare.”

Universally flattering dresses that work on every body type.  Pin now, read later.

But what makes the fit and flare dress so universally flattering?”

I have a rectangular/ athletic body type.  I have slim waist, but I don’t possess enough curves considered an hourglass shape.  The fit and flare dress accentuates the smallest part of the waist and adds volume at the hips, which gives the illusion of curves.  

Universally flattering dresses that work on every body type.  Pin now, read later.

The above photo shows how well this dress adds volume at the skirt, but what if you’re looking to play down your curves.  The added volume can disguise your- well, added volume.  I say “can” instead of “will for sure” because there considerations of fit of the dress, material, pattern and the use of embellishments and accents to distract from or emphasize your features.  Those are all bigger topics by themselves, which we’ll get to on the Luxicon, but for now, consider grabbing a few fit and flare options next time you’re headed in the dressing room and enjoy your newfound shopping success.

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