Two Best Friends Were Brutally Honest About There Bodies

Years ago, I was a personal trainer and I had many many talks with clients both male and female about body image.  Back then, I preached that we should treat our bodies as we would other people.  We wouldn’t look at ourselves walking down the street in a cute outfit and hurl an insult because of some minor physical flaw.  We would never poke fun at ourselves for working hard at the gym because we don’t look like the unrealistic sculpted body builder who devotes far more time to her workout than we can ever hope for.  So why do we do it?

I’ve always felt strongly about this topic, but I’ve never seen it come to life quite like it did in this video.

Witnessing these two best friends struggle to insult each other the way they do themselves was too powerful not to share.  The next time you put yourself down because you don’t measure up physically or you just couldn’t pull that off, think about whether you would be willing to say that about someone else, particularly your best friend.  Be your own best friend; your mind and body will love you back when you learn to love them.

No matter how well you think other people have their shit together, we all struggle in our own way.  Make an effort to be kind to yourself.  These brave ladies inspired me to share with you my efforts.

I’m a little heavier than usual (I know, only a little, but we all feel the pounds when they creep).  Why?

I ate everything I wanted to in Italy.  I regret nothing.

I’ve been under more stress lately at work.

I manage a painful illness that makes it hard for me to just decide to go hard at the gym and lose weight when I want to.

I had another health issue set me back in my efforts to make it to the gym for a few months (very happy to share that I’ve resolved that).

How do I make the effort?

Don’t look at the backs of my thighs when I’m in those horrible dressing rooms.  My goodness no!  Don’t do it!

Spray tan.  It makes me feel thinner.  I don’t know why, but I don’t care.

Focus on the journey not the lack of immediate results.  I’ve done it before.

Work out the way I enjoy because I will find time to go to Pure Barre, but I will put off running and lifting, so I do what works.

Remind myself that others aren’t picking me apart over a few pounds; they’re checking out my outfits, style, and my friends would not just “not care,” they would tell me I’m being an asshole for bothering myself over a few pounds.  I don’t want to be an asshole.

Be your own best friend.




Kate Thakkar

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