My TV Debut: Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Last week, I had the pleasure of modeling swimwear on Arizona Midday for a segment: Swimsuits for Your Body Type.  Cristina Pearlstein of How Do You Fashion walks us through the “nail-biting” situation that is shopping for swimwear.

How Do You Fashion is a one stop shopping and styling destination for all women.  See it, buy it, wear it.  No more standing in front of an overstuffed closet with overwhelming panic as the clock ticks.  You know the feeling, the more clothes you pull, the more you feel like you have nothing to wear.  How Do You Fashion’s Cris Pearlstein has set out to solve this problem for women of all sizes and budgets.

On the local NBC show, Arizona Midday, Pearlstein tackles one of my favorite subjects: Swimsuit Season.  It’s not my favorite subject because I look amazing in every suit I touch.  That could not be further from the truth.  I love this subject because it’s so painful for all of us, but it doesn’t have to be.  The feeling that a suit is highlighting your insecurities and everyone is going to notice knows no bounds.

When I was a personal trainer, a petite woman confided to me that she could not wear shorts because of cellulite.  Most people would think that a 115 lb. hot lady would not worry about wearing shorts.

 I asked that same client if she would ever dream of saying the things she thought about herself to another woman with the same features.  Absolutely not!  I reminded myself of this experience when I decided to go ahead with the segment and be the ‘gigantic preggo body type model’ (as the voice in my head would describe it).

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Take a look at the clip:

Pearlstein’s Tips: How to Shop Swimsuits for Your Body Type:

  • Don’t go after a big lunch.
  • Don’t go on an off day.
  • Order online if you can.
  • Try them on in front of your skinny mirror at home, where you’re comfortable.
  • Don’t get too hung up on trends and styles.
  • Make sure it’s comfortable.

Shop Suits from the Segment:

How to Find Swimsuits for Your Body Type
Eco Peace $94

This topic is difficult to fit into a short segment, so if you enjoyed this post and you want more information on shopping for swimwear, check out these posts, where I addressed each body type individually.

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My Maternity Swimsuits:

Be sure you’re following on IG: to see me wearing these suits!  Click the photos to shop.

The above suit is my most recent purchase.  I love that it keeps me cooler than a two piece because the fabric is double layered, so it traps cool water against my belly.  Yes, it’s a one piece and while I don’t feel like I “should” cover my belly, it’s nice to have the option as I plow ahead through my third trimester.  The silhouette is sexier than your typical one piece suit with it’s higher cut legs and lower cut top.  The modifications to the silhouette satisfy the bikini lover in me.

I have the above suit as well and it has a few features unique to maternity wear that have solved a few problems I didn’t foresee having.  After months of squeezing into non-maternity suits, this was the first swimwear purchase I made and I didn’t look back.  Sizing is pretty easy because most maternity wear is sized based on your pre-pregnancy body size, so the changes are anticipated and the guess-work is removed.  The bandeau top offers enough support that I don’t need the straps; I can bend over, swim and do anything my pregnant bod allows without risking letting the girls out.  I stopped wearing my pre-pregnancy suits when this issue became a legitimate reality.  The bottoms are reversible with a fold-ver band, bonus because you still want variety without spending the money on it.  The band functions as an accent early in pregnancy and then as things start to migrate later in the game, it can be unfolded for extra coverage.

Happy Shopping!

Kate Thakkar

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