Tieks by Gavieli- The Future of Foot Comfort

Continuing the theme of celebrating color this week, I bring you Tieks by Gavrieli.

These adorable little blue bottoms come in every color imaginable.  Below are just a few of the color and texture options offered by Tieks.

Tieks by Gavrieli

Surely there is a pair for you.

Ok, so their cute.  Why Tieks?

Anatomy of Tieks

These beauties are carefully crafted from the finest leathers or vegan textiles and feel like heaven on your over worked, mistreated feet.  The problem I have with most flats is that they simply do not cushion my foot.  I’m a nurse and my feet hurt badly sometimes after a long shift.  I slip into these to go out and I feel like my feet are actually being cradled.

I personally own the Starstruck flat below.

Tieks- Starstruck

Notice that the shoes fold on themselves for easy storage.  That’s because each pair of Tieks comes with a stretchy pouch and nylon bag.  The pouch holds both the shoes and the nylon bag for easy toting.  Toss the tiny pouch in your bag for the evening. When your feet are begging you to stop wearing those heels, take the shoes out of the pouch and toss your heels in the nylon tote.  You’re feet will thank you on that long walk home or while you dance the night away at the reception.

I also have the Ballerina Pink ballet flat.  They were my something blue in my wedding.

Tieks- Ballerina Pink

Tieks by Gavrieli- My Something Blue

This lovely gal introduced me to Tieks!  We’re so happy to be sporting our blue bottoms!

You can also feel good about your purchase

The Gavrieli Foundation supports female entrepreneurs around the world.

The Gavrieli Foundation is deeply committed to the empowerment of women in the U.S and around the globe as a means for social change. Through Kiva, we contribute funds to women entrepreneurs, who we believe are key in the broader fight against global poverty. Our contributions help create opportunity for these women, their families and their communities.  -Tieks.com

AMOUNT CONTRIBUTED: $5,247,800 (as of today’s post 1/6/15)

Seriously, you’ve got to try these!  Their return policy is so easy.  I wanted to try a size up, just in case and it was about the easiest exchange I’ve ever made on the internet.  I not only went with a different size, but also a different color and finish all together.  They made it happen with no effort my part to deal with the price difference.

Love these shoes!  What are your favorite foot savers?


Kate Thakkar

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