The Non-Traditional Bride: Featuring Gowns by Vera Wang

More and more brides are going away from traditional color schemes and doing what makes them feel beautiful even if it breaks rules.

When I was planning my wedding, I absolutely fell in love with the idea of doing a colorful bridal gown.

The first gown to really captivate me was the “Josephine” by Vera Wang.

Vera Wang
She’s a dream. I felt like I was in a fairy tale when I donned this gown. Photo Credit: Vera Wang.

The more I looked into non-traditional dresses, the more it felt right for me and it seemed that Vera is the mother of all non-traditional beauties.

Vera Wang
The Kaye gown sparked an idea in me that I thought was so grand! I would wear red and we would, otherwise, make it a black and white affair. Photo Credit: Vera Wang.
The Kaye dress by Vera Wang.
When I stepped into the “Kaye” gown, my skin transformed from fair to radiant. The women in the VW store were beside themselves at the site this gown that they had only seen on two other woman. I can see it all over my face that I was struck by this dress in a way I hadn’t anticipated.
The Kathleen Dress by Vera Wang
The “Kathleen” stole my heart. My namesake; it was meant to be.  And it fit the black, white and red theme I had stuck in my head.  Photo Credit: Vera Wang.
The Kathleen Dress
Vera created the stretch fabric for the bodice. The fabric felt heavy and soft at the same time. It was so flattering and I felt absolutely stunning in this gown.
The Kirsten Dress by Vera Wang.
The “Kirsten” dress by Vera Wang. Perfect for those interested in a more orange red.
The Gemma Dress in red by Vera Wang
The “Gemma” dress was not listed as available in red, but the store had one that was custom made. I fell immediately for the flowy train.  I planned to dye my hair a striking shade of red for the wedding and I was in taken with the idea of wearing the red gown with red hair.
Gemma dress by Vera Wang.
For the sake of exploring all of my options, I tried on the Gemma in blush pink.  I now loved at least four dresses.  I had some decisions to make.

I thought of completely throwing tradition to the wind and wearing red for our American (non-denominational) ceremony and wearing white for our Hindu ceremony (because traditional Hindu brides wear red).  While this would be a very “me” thing to do, I wasn’t sure that it would be culturally appropriate or sensitive for those in our families who had a more traditional idea of what our wedding should be.

I toyed with the idea of wearing red for both, but I worried that I would look back and wish I’d worn white.

I ended up deciding to go with blush pink and I found a dress in Arizona similar to the one I found in LA at the Vera Wang flagship store.

Ginger Dress by Kitty Chen.
The “Ginger” dress by Kitty Chen. Photo Credit: Kitty Chen.
Ginger Dress by Kitty Chen
My blush pink wedding gown, “Ginger” by Kitty Chen.
Hindu bride
I wore a traditional red bridal lengha choli for the Hindu Ceremony.
Me in my Lengha
My father and I walking to the Mandap.

A part of me does wish that I had gone with the Kathleen dress and run with the Black and White Affair theme.  I think I could have planned a really spectacular event.  Our wedding was gorgeous and there was a lot of myself in the decor, which our guests appreciated.  I also ended up getting the itch to make a dress about three weeks before the wedding.  I don’t recommend taking on such a big project before your big day, but it turned out lovely and I wore the white dress I made for the reception.

My white reception dress
My white reception dress.
My wedding reception dress.
I’m really glad I made this dress because it was so much more comfortable and easy to wear than the structured dress I wore for the ceremony.  After all was said and done, I wore the gambit of all the colors I wanted from red to pink to white.

As we close in on our one year anniversary this Sunday, I would like to wish the brides-to-be out there all the best and I encourage you to go all out and make it your own.   Have the courage to do what you want and your guests will see you in it and love your wedding even more because of it.


Kate Thakkar

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