The Ever Evolving Closet

Style is fluid, it changes with our moods, age, life circumstances and perceptions.  Enjoy the evolution.  Stop hanging on to those old clothes that bring you no joy.  It will be easier and more rewarding than you think.

Rather than spend hours going through everything and debating if you’re going to miss it, take on my approach.  Now that the seasons are changing, turn your hangers around  backwards and as you wear your clothes, put them back the right direction.  At the end of the season, take all the backwards hangers and divide them by clothes that truly bring you joy, keep; clothes that need a new home, donate; and most beloved that need to go to clothing heaven.

Identifying the pieces that you couldn’t possibly wear even once all Winter will give you piece of mind when parting with it.  You bought it because you were drawn to it, so it’s never an easy decision.  Once your closet is decluttered, you’ll be able to tell what items you’re lacking and you can give yourself a little allowance to go fill those empty hangers!

What’s your tactic for dealing with the dreaded task of closet cleaning?

Kate Thakkar

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