Tan Physics Review: Overall Satisfied and Continue to Use

Tan Physics Review: 4 Stars

Between Airbrush tans, I use Tan Physics for maintenance.  It’s very easy to build the perfect tan.

Tan Physics

I’ve used it for a week and only took two days off.  Usually I use it every other night because all tanning products will dry your skin.  I find that use every other day takes longer to build the tan, but it lasts for quite a while before I have to exfoliate. For this demonstration, I used it daily, so I could build my tan faster and demonstrate the capability of this lotion.

Tan Physics Review: How it applies, lasts and feels. Pin now, read later.

Given that my base is very fair, I don’t get as tan as the product advertises.  I also don’t use the additional products in the line such as the pre-tan exfoliator or the tan extending lotion.

Tan Physics Review: How it applies, lasts and feels. Pin now, read later.

I consider this the most tan I will get with this product because the product has built up on my skin and is starting to crack.  See the photo of my arm above.  This signifies that it’s time to exfoliate away the excess product and start fresh again.

Tan Physics Review: How it applies, lasts and feels. Pin now, read later.

Overall, I’m satisfied with Tan Physics because it goes on so gradually that I don’t find streaks and if I do see one, I can usually scrub it off in one or two showers.  The lotion itself is caramel colored, so you can spot streaks and rub them in before they set.  It’s also not too dark, so I don’t have to worry about being so careful on my back area; it’s not as noticeable as other products I’ve used.  The smell is typical of a self tanner, but it isn’t as strong as others I’ve used.

Helpful Hints for an Even Application:

  1. Always go light to start. It is easier to darken than it is to remove a dark tan. Tan Physics is highly buildable. This means that you can add color every day until you get the color that suits you.
  2. Don’t forget your ears and behind your ears.
  3. Be sure to get the back of your hands, inside of your wrists and arms, your neck and your sides. Your face and neck will darken easily so apply sparingly but evenly to this region and be sure to get tanner all the way up to your (not in) hairline to ensure seamless color.
  4. Slow down and use only residual lotion for your feet, knees and elbows. Feather and blend slowly and lightly. Don’t only use your fingers, let your palms do the work as well.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  I’m interested to know if you get a darker tan than I do.

What’s your favorite self tanner?


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