Swimwear as Streetwear?

Why yes.  Don’t mind if I do!

Swimwear as Streetwear

I bought this little mesh swimsuit coverup last year and lately, I’ve been tossing it on over everything including an LBD.

While the store from where I bought it closed, I did find a few similar coverups for you.

Swimsuit Coverup
Rotita.com, $27.79

As a coverup, it feels more stylish than the typical sheer tunic, but it’s also casual.  I’ve never been partial to prancing around the pool in my heels.

Swimsuit Coverup
Etsy.com, $40 (also available in white)

When I pair the lounge hoodie with sneakers and a little black dress, this fierce LBD that usually only comes out at night, suddenly becomes daytime attire.

Swimwear as Streetwear

It’s a perfect, comfy/chic outfit for bumming around Palm Springs, CA.

Swimwear as streetwear

Accessories are always a crucial element of any outfit.

The Haute Pursuit Accessories
Bound Cuff Bracelets and Anarchy Street rings.  Use code Kate_T20 to get your Anarchy Street discount.
The Haute Pursuit Bound Cuffs
Bound Cuff Bracelets: The Haute Pursuit, $169
Dior 'So Real' Sunnies
Dior ‘So Real’ Sunnies
Dior 'So Real' Sunglasses
Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses, $595

Style is unique to you and it’s your own.  I encourage you to be courageous, expressive, unexpected and true to yourself.


Kate Thakkar

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