The easy way to get rid of pills on your sweaters and t-shirts!

I used to think that when my sweaters and t-shirts started to pill, it was the beginning of the end.

This t-shirt has seen much better days.

This t-shirt has seen much better days.

Lots of pinterest pinners are reviving old clothes with a shaving razor.  It works ok in a pinch, but the thinner the fabric, the more likely you are to tear your shirt.  You need to be extra careful that you keep the fabric completely flat if you’re going to use a razor.

I prefer to use a battery powered lint shaver because it has a guard on it.  You still need to be careful to keep the fabric flat, but you be much less likely to put a hole in your fav sweater.

Lint shaver used on the left side of the shirt has removed all the pills.
You can see how the left side of the shirt where I used the Dritz Lint Shaver $9, has removed the pills.

There are a variety of lint shavers available from Amazon, Target, Walmart and Joanns Fabrics.  Think of all the money you will save by rescuing your favorite pieces!


Kate Thakkar

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