Surviving Drynuary

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Congratulations, you have survived cuffing season; it’s now time to ready your Summer bod.

What a better way to kick off, “New Year, New Me” season than cutting alcohol out of your life for an entire month, dry January.  You guys serious about this?


“The practice of not drinking for the entire month of January — staying “dry” — usually in response to over-consumption during the holidays. Avoiding alcohol for the month can be seen as a form of New Year’s resolution intended to cleanse the liver, promote a more healthy lifestyle, atone for sins of the past, etc. Drynuary usually results in an increase in seeing movies, drinking sparkling water in bars, and hanging out in diners drinking coffee on Saturday nights.
Usually followed by an ill-advised reentry into heavy boozing on February 1st without realizing how badly your tolerance has suffered.”  Urban Dictionary.

I don’t take issue with this practice alone or the notion that it’s sometimes necessary to scale back on indulgence.  I generally get more use out of my FitBit Blaze during the month of January and I tend to eat a bit healthier, both of which are necessary after the Holiday Binge.  However, Dryuary, Drynuary or Dry January, all of which sound disturbingly close to a medical condition that one ought to avoid, approaches obnoxious when one cannot complete the task of abstaining one month without continuous reminders on Twitter, Insta, Snap, FB and any and all other platforms which presents an opportunity to visually shout, “I’m better than you!”

Does seeing a wine glass full of water make you think, “That person is so healthy!”  Queue hashtags #almostturningmywaterintowine #sparklingwater #noalcoholbeyondthispoint #healthychoices #mocktail #detox #goodhabits #nojaegerbombshere #cantwaitformy8AMmeeting #day4 #day5.  Still no?

Hand to forehead, you get the idea.

In an IG world full of TeaTox, Waist Trainers, Juice Cleanses, and Cross Fit clips, don’t we have enough self-indulgent “watch me win at life,” posts?  I get it if you believe in your product and you’ve experienced results.

Cutting alcohol in its entirety is, for most, unsustainable, hence the predictable binge drinking sequela occurring on February, 1.  Sprinkling alcohol free days throughout the year would be more healthy than abstaining for one month followed by hitting it hard.  Likewise, people are more likely to succeed long-term by setting more realistic goals to cut back on certain days or to cut down on alcoholic calories by choosing beverages wisely.

This year, I resolve not be shamed by overzealous instafriends posting sparkling water and coffee pics late Saturday night.  I will make it through January with my usual and consistent level of zeal.

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