Styling Proportions

Ever look in the mirror and wonder why such a cute look misses the mark?  me too!  it usually comes down to proportions.

I recently rented the Adrienne Landau Spectator Vest from Rent the Runway.  I’ve seen so many faux fur looks this winter and I love the color, so this was bound to be a hit!

Adrienne Landau Spectator Vest
Rent the Runway

Not exactly the look I was going for…

Styling Proportions on Short Women: Look needs some work right?!
So what happened?

Starting from the top. the shoulders are far to wide for my my shape.  The fur adds too much to the width of my shoulders to be flattering.  Usually I like the waist to taper in at least a little, but in a look like this, it’s ok that it’s a little boxy as long as I show the shape of my legs with a skinny cut pant.  What’s actually wrong with the fit of the vest is that it’s too long.  If you look carefully at the photo, the vest cuts my body length almost exactly in half, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

Ok, so what do we do?

How to Style Proportions on Short Women
A little better…

Here, I have rolled the shoulders under a bit, so they aren’t quite so boxy.  I also pulled the hem up just a bit, so more of my hips are showing and the vest doesn’t completely cut me in half.  It really makes a difference and it demonstrates the importance of having well fitting clothes.  No matter what your size and shape, your tailor should be your best friend!.  I don’t think I can keep my hands in my pockets hiking this gorgeous rental vest up all night.

How to style proportions on short women
In this case, it’s going to be more stylish to forego the on-trend fur vest. I’ll have to look for one more suitable for my size.  Burgundy, waxed denim pant, 7 for All Mankind $99.
How to style proportions on short women
The dainty necklace disappearing into the neck line is always a nice touch. Gorjana ‘Cres Shimmer’ Lariat Necklace, $80.
How to style proportions on short women
Dior ‘So Real’ sunnies $595, have me feeling cool.
How to style proportions on short women
Shop the latest trends in jewelry from Anarchy Street. Use code Kate_T20 to get your discount.  Thumb ‘Bound Ring’ $35 is from The Haute Pursuit.

share your best styling tips in the comments below!



Kate Thakkar

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It’s amazing what a big impact small adjustments make! Awesome post! 🙂


Thanks KoKo! I was shocked at how much proportions matter when you start tweaking things. At 5’1″ I need all the help I can get. I put more details and examples in some of my other proportions posts. Give them a read sometime if you liked this one. xoxo, Kate


I’m 5′ 1″ too. So yes, keep the tips coming! 🙂

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