How to Style Shoes So You Look Taller and Leaner

Shoes can make or break an outfit in the most obvious way.  When I learned how to style shoes properly, it was like I had been given the most coveted fashion secret.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why an outfit that was such a sure bet looks terrible on you?

How to style shoes so you look taller and leaner. Pin now, read later.

Because we are only focusing on how to style shoes today, I’ve kept the outfit simple black button up and the black faux leather leggings we all have..  Let’s take a look at a few scenarios.

How to Style Shoes: Flats

The black Jeffrey Campbell’s are the obvious choice over the white Superstars.  The black shoe carries the color down to my toes and elongates my legs.

How to Style Shoes: Pumps

This selection is not so obvious.  The technically correct answer would be the black Vince pumps because black is carried down to the toes.  However, the silver Jimmy Choo’s also work well; they are somewhat mirrored, so they pick up the my flesh tone.  Nude shoes elongate because the eye divides the leg and foot at the hemline of the pant and the nude shoe doesn’t break the foot into another segment.  Silver for the win.

Hos to Style Shoes: Booties

I love a great accent shoe and these wine colored Derek Lam calf hair booties certainly make a statement.  In this case, not the best statement.  I put these shoes on and even though they make me smile, they don’t work quite right.  The black Vince booties make me feel tall and not only do my legs go from stubby to lovely, but my confidence is overwhelmingly higher (which makes up for the Derek Lam’s not working).  No worries though, I do strategically work these babies in the rotation.

See How They All Stack Up:

The two black pairs clearly win.  Ignoring the extra 4 inches the black booties give me, I was amazed that I look nearly the same height in the black flats.

Shop the Shoes:


What’s your biggest style blunder?  Comment below.

Kate Thakkar

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