How to Style Fall Layers: Proportions are Everything

Knowing how to style Fall layers is the difference between looking homeless and looking chic. 

  The slightest tweak to proportion makes the biggest difference.

How to Style Fall Layers: Proportions. Pin now, read later.
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How to Style Fall Layers:

One trick I use when I style Fall layers is to make sure none of the layers start and end at the same point.  For example, if you want to pair your favorite long cardigan with a cute pair of boots, they shouldn’t touch at exactly the same point.  If they both meet at the knee, go for a shorter or taller boot, so they don’t create a line clean across the body.  You’ll add length and dimension by separating the two.

Take a look at this old picture of me wearing two very different boot styles.

These knee high boots by Vince on the left are my favorite Fall boots, but they just don’t work with this cardigan.  If I wanted to make them work, I could slip into some black pants.  The black pant wouldn’t contrast the boot and they would highlight the jacket for an overall lengthening affect.  The Jimmy Choo biker boots on the right are an improvement overall, but with as short as I am, a bootie or mule would have worked better than both of these shoes.  It’s incredible how much proportions affect the look.

The same tip goes for jackets and tops.  Your jacket shouldn’t crop your waist at the exact same line as your top and pants.

The next time you throw on an extra layer, try it out with a few varying pieces underneath and see what flatters you.  Maybe you’ll do better with a shorter top that adds length to your legs or a longer top if you have a short torso and long legs.

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Let me know how this styling tip works for you in the comments below.

Kate Thakkar

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