Starletto Heel Stopper Protector: Product Review

We just returned from a spectacular wedding in Italy.  The most important styling tool I packed was my Starletto Heel Protectors.

Starlettos Heel Protectors not only protect your coveted kicks from dirt and scratches, they also keep you from looking silly while wobbling through grass or getting stuck in a drain cover.  Starlettos saved my butt on the thirty minute walk to the Palace from my hotel.

I found the solution to walking on uneven pavement in heels. Works on grass too! Pin now, read later

Nobody wants to look like a baby deer learning to walk, all gussied up for a special occasion.  Ever shown up for an event and thought, “Oh no! I had no idea this would be outside on the grass.”  These little lifesavers are a must have for weddings and events held on unpredictable terrain.  I had no idea I would be walking uneven streets for 30 minutes on the way to the wedding.  There is absolutely no way I would have survived without Starlettos!  I saw other women on their way to the wedding yanking their heels out of drain covers, but not this girl.  I wished I had a few more pairs to share!

There are a couple of choices when it comes to heel savers, but Starlettos are my personal fav because the rubbery texture adjusts to fit different heel sizes.

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Life as a woman is not easy.  What styling products can’t you live without?


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Kate Thakkar

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