Starletto Heel Caps- Keep Your Heels from Getting Stuck

Starletto heel caps were the single most important styling item I packed for my recent trip to Italy.  Heel caps saved my booty more than once on this trip, but especially on the day of the wedding we attended.  Starletto Heel Caps not only protect your coveted kicks from dirt and scratches, they also keep you from looking silly while wobbling through grass or getting stuck in a drain cover.

Heel caps protect your heels and keep from getting stuck in grass and sewer grates. Pin now, read later.
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I couldn’t have known that the wedding would require a thirty minute walk to the Palace from my hotel in the rain.  Without heel caps, it would have been a disaster.  I’m so glad I tucked these tiny caps in my bag.  I had no idea if I would need them or not, but sure enough I did.  We passed a few other women on the way to the wedding who didn’t fare so well without heel caps and they were struggling with their shoes in the streets of Venice.  I wished I’d had a few more pairs to share!

Heel caps keep your heels from getting stuck in cobble stone and grass. Pin now, read later.

As you can see above, I made it to the wedding, intact, no broken heels or ankles!  Nobody wants to look like a baby deer learning to walk, all gussied up for a special occasion.

This always seems to happen at weddings, even when you think you know the destination, suddenly you’re ushered out of the site for a cocktail hour in the grass.  Grass is the original foe of the high heel.  Don’t let it happen to you!

There are a couple of choices when it comes to heel savers, but Starletto brand heel caps are my personal fav because the rubbery texture adjusts to fit different heel sizes.

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Life as a woman is not easy.  What styling products can’t you live without?

Kate Thakkar

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