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Finding a unique swimsuits can be a challenge.  I usually find it extremely flattering to see other people wearing the things I own.  It’s a testament to good taste and it’s fun to see the way other women style the pieces I love.

Donning a swimsuit, however, is more stressful; suddenly I’m body conscious.  Swimwear should help your confidence and the only way that happens for me, when I’m fully aware that I’m not wearing much, is to know that my suit is unique.  Whether my suit is scantily clad or subtly interesting, I want people to notice my style, not my obliques or lack of.

Where to Shop for Unique Swimsuits:

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I use a couple of methods to find suits that I can rest assured are not going to be on every other woman I see on vacation.

  • Toss out the idea that it has to be a certain brand.  These days, it’s better to be unique and special than to have the priciest or best know brand.
  • Start with sites that curate lots of brands for you, so you don’t have to search out obscure finds.  My two favorite sites for this are Revolve and Spring.  You’ll find more suits than you know what to do with and Spring notifies you of sales as well as sends you refunds when your purchase price matches at lower cost.  Use Code: Spring10 for 10% off your first Spring Order.
  • If you’re up for scouting, check out the latest Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition.  SI sources very cool swimwear from designers all over the world and every photo credits the designer.  Sometimes I like the suit, but it’s not exactly right for me, so I visit the designer’s website and find a variety of similar suits I would wear.  This may also be a way to save money considering that uniqueness sometimes comes with a high price tag.

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