I missed you when I took off last year!  It was a tough trade off and I’m very happy to be back in your inbox.

We had such an amazing trip Italy.  I regret not sharing more of it, but better late than never.



Jet-lagged, but not about to miss day 1 sleeping.


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Stunning historical site.

Who knew Romans had such a great sense of humor regarding the abundance of nude art.



Oh nothing new here, just hanging out in front of the Colosseum.

Pizza all day every day.

Only the best shopping in Roma!

Outside Maison Valentino.

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Everyone loves a great door!

Just around the corner from the Pantheon.  The architecture doesn’t stop.

Neither does the pasta.

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Arrivederci Roma!  If you toss a coin into Trevi Fountain, luck will have it that you will return to Rome.


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Kate Thakkar

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Hi Kate. I’ve heard that once a person has seen Italy, they feel they MUST go back again. Have only managed England, Scotland, France and Greece so far. Hope Portugal is in my future as Lisbon is it’s on my bucket list.
Thanks for sharing the photos ✈️

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