Rescue Pets Make the Best Pets: Meet Roo and Atty

Rescue pets have been a part of my family since early childhood.  When my husband finally agreed to get a second cat to play with Atty, there was no question, we were going to adopt.  Of course, if you know us, you know that we don’t have a second cat, we came home with a dog that day, but it was for the best.  Atty, AKA Miss Attitude, needs to be the boss of the house and I’m pretty sure bringing another feline into the mix would have been upsetting.

Meet Atty:

The ultimate princess.  She was a stray who’s mother had a broken leg and was struggling to care for her litter.  My family veterinarian took all of the cats in and mended the mother’s leg.  I took Atty home with me when she was about six months old.  Eleven years later, she’s just as feisty and just as much a princess.

She won’t even touch a litter box that’s not completely clean at all times.  It’s gross; peeing on the floor is a far better option.  So we had to get her this fancy box that’s always clean.  It worked out for us because we can leave her for 5-7 days and have a friend check in on her periodically without having to ask them to clean her box.

Don’t be fooled by those big beautiful eyes.  Atty is the honey badger of cats.  She takes what she wants and she doesn’t give a shit.

We’ve recently been having trouble with her throwing fits because she wants food.  Every morning when I make coffee she cries, carries on and throws herself on the floor in front of me because I don’t give her milk.  Why don’t I give her milk?  I’d love to spoil her occasionally, but if I give her a taste, she becomes a holy terror, she gets on the counter and sticks her paws in the milk while I’m making my coffee.  Not cool kitten, not cool.

Getting into takeout containers.

She despises closed doors.  Doesn’t matter to where the door leads, it should remain open.

If the door is closed, she will throw herself on the ground and howl until it’s opened.

Self-imposed time-outs are a blessing and need to happen more often in this house.

She doesn’t like wearing clothes half as much as I like putting her in them.  Kittens in pajamas?  I had to try.  It lasted less than 2 minutes.

She models in her spare time; doubling as cat statues is her specialty.

She lends the occasional helping paw to blog writing.  Mostly she’s the distracting friend in the study group who never wants to let me get any work done.

Atty is the toughest of all kitties.

As lead guard, because we all know she’s tougher than the dog, she’s ready at all times to take down an intruder, yet she loves strangers.  Strangers are infinitely more interesting than her own humans.

She would never admit that she’s fond of her little brother.

So don’t ask her to explain this.

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Meet Roo AKA “RooBear”:

We rescued Roo from the euthanasia list when he was almost a year old.  The poor little guy was had been living on the streets for almost a year.  Maricopa County tests the dogs by placing a bowl of food in a room full of dogs and if the dog shows aggression, they go on the euthanasia list.

RooBear was a hungry pup and he’d fight a bitch for a bowl of food, but he’s about as aggressive as a teddy bear.

Roo earned his name because he spends most of his time hopping around on his hind legs like a kangaRoo.

His main concern is finding the coziest spot.

If that spot is not on our laps, it’s under the blankets.  He needs to be under the blanket so badly that when I wear a robe and he mistakenly thinks it’s a blanket, he shoves his face in the pocket.

Sometimes it’s not easy getting cozy.

Meeting his hug quota every day might be of equal concern to coziness.

Golden Retrievers make the best friends; his best friend is a golden named Sir Winston Puppysworth and his girlfriend is a golden named Abbie.

Don’t let the fangs fool you, Winston and Roo are just playing.

Photobombing is a great game for a ham-ball like RooBear.

But don’t plan to take his picture.  Not the Mommarazzi!

Trash is his only vice; he can’t resist.  He also puts himself in self-imposed time-outs after he’s committed the crime.

Roo finds himself in trouble less when he gets enough exercise in, like hikes with his buds, Winston, Cooper and Norman.

Hammy the Hedgehog is his favorite toy and literally goes everywhere with RooBear.

There’s nothing more special than curling up with a good friend in the sun.

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These two loves lose a lot of hair all over my clothes and the best thing I did for myself is get a Flint Roller.  Peel off lint rollers are the best for removing hair, but you can’t toss them in your bag without all the contents of your purse sticking to it, until now.  Flint Rollers have a twist up cover that keeps your roller from grabbing on to everything.  Sure enough, I don’t notice the hair until I’ve left the house, so it’s great to have one on me.

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These two complete our lives more than we could have ever hoped.  We rescued them, but everyday they show us how they rescued us.  They are our furry babies.

Are your pets your whole world?  Comment below.


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Hi Kate, I’ve just accidentally came across your website searching for processed hair treatments but I’ve read such a great post about your pets and this was the highlight of my search :)! I couldn’t help but tell about how beautiful your heart is and you are such an amazing person for saving both Atty and Roo! You are such an inspiration! I wish you and your family and your coming baby all the best and happy life! And you have a great blog btw!


Thank you Svetlana! Kind words like these are what keeps me going! Good luck on your hair journey!

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