How to Remove Eye Makeup Without Losing Eye Lashes

I never put much thought into how I remove my eye makeup or the products I use until recently when I learned that it is possible to remove eye makeup without losing eye lashes.  I always thought losing a few lashes was just part of the game, just like losing hair is a natural part of brushing.  Though it doesn’t have to be.  With the right product and the right technique, eye makeup melts off your eyes leaving all your beautiful lashes behind.

How have I not known about this? How to remove eye makeup without losing eye lashes.
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How to Remove Eye Makeup Without Losing Eye Lashes

By far the biggest difference was switching to the oil based Tatcha Pure One Step Cleansing Oil.  I’ve heard that oil based makeup remover was the way to go, but I hadn’t tried one in years and the one I used left a weird residue behind that tarnished my view of oil based cleansers forever.  Recently, during an episode of House of Cards, I noticed that Claire, Robyn Wright, was using an oil based cleanser and it worked way better than what I was using at that time.  I decided that maybe there was some truth behind what I’d heard.  Before I could even do my homework on cleansers, I received a sample of Tatcha Pure One Step Cleansing Oil.

It was small and suitable for travel, so I stuffed it in my bag for my next trip and my gosh was I amazed by how well this stuff works.  Tatcha Pure One Step Cleansing Oil doesn’t just remove makeup though, the product delivers on its claim to hydrate skin at the same time.  My eyes are not red in the mornings like they used to be and I’m not losing lashes on a nightly basis.

Another switch I made was to buy the softest cotton rounds I could find.  I love the CVS generic brand Beauty 360 Cotton Rounds for their softness.  Lately, I’ve been using Shiseido Facial Cotton and my face is definitely thanking me.  I would rank the two similarly for softness, but the Shiseido Facial Cotton pads are larger and can be purchased online, so I like the convenience of one click shopping.  I freely admit that I have an addiction to Sephora.

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How do you gently remove your makeup? Tell me about your products in the comments below.

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