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The weather is heating up (for a lot you you).  Sorry, Midwest, I heard it snowed on you the first day of Spring.  Nevertheless, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your face from the sun if you aren’t already an everyday sunblock wearer.

That said, it’s important to wear sunblock throughout the winter as well, and I think I have a few products you will love so much you’ll want to continue using them throughout the Winter.  I manage to wear SPF 50 every day and I truly believe that this has kept me from aging.  I must say, my skin is a nice shade of alabaster under my makeup, so fear not, I’ll get you on the path to healthy glowing tan skin in no time.  My next several Monday posts will be devoted to getting healthy, beautiful, Summer ready, skin.

I think we’re all aware of the key rules of sunblock, but there  are  a few important gems I learned from a dermatologist friend of mine on a girls trip to Miami.  Apparently, I was committing a few  common skin mistakes.

using the wrong spf

SPF testing is performed only through SPF 50 and beyond that, little data is collected.  I was worried I’d burn, so I bought the highest SPF I could find and didn’t think twice about the amount of chemicals (which haven’t even been tested at this strength).

not applying enough product or reapplying frequently enough

FDA testing on SPF efficacy is done with sunblock smeared on so thick that there is a solid sheet of white lotion on the skin of the test subject.  Think about that the next time you apply or decide not to reapply.  This also convinced me to go for SPF 50 products because if I’m not going to apply enough 30 to have it be fully effective as SPF 30, then I better stick with the one that I know will best protect my skin.

best under makeup spf 50: Chanel UV Essentiel

Most of the time that you see make-up pictures or videos of me on the blog, I have used my Chanel UV Essentiel (SPF 50), $55.  This non-oily base applies thinly like water and moisturizes while it protects.  It works well under makeup because it smooths my skin almost the same as  a makeup primer.  UV Essentiel also protects against pollution.  Though the bottle is small, the product itself lasts a long time because it takes so little product to cover the entire face and décolletage.

Chanel UV Essential is the absolute best sunblock for under your makeup.

My makeup goes on well over this product and lasts all day.

The best contouring application tutorial on Pinterest

Best tinted Moisturizer; Diorsnow bb creme

For days that I don’t want to wear as much makeup or spend as much time on it, I use a Diorsnow BB Creme, SPF 50, $55.  I use this one product instead of my usual moisturizer, sunblock. primer and foundation.  This non-oily tinted sunblock moisturizes and has enough coverage to replace my foundation.  It only comes one color, but regardless of the color of my face, from alabaster to bronze airbrushed goddess,  I can blend it nicely with a setting powder.  I find it covers me very well on those hot AZ summer days when I’m out and sweating a lot.

Diorsnow BB Creme is the best SPF 50 substitute for foundation, moisturizer, primer, and sunblock.

I did a post on How to do Natural Makeup in 5 Minutes and I used Diorsnow BB Creme.  Take a look at the before and after. 5 Minute Makeup

best reapplication product

Color Science Mineral Powder SPF 30 sunblock, $57 (available in matte and shimmer) is perfect for days you know the heat and humidity will have you wondering if your makeup is running down your face.  Fight the sweat by applying dry powder sunblock.

Powder Sunblock

Remember to use your sunblock, it’s the single best thing you can do for your skin.

Happy Spring!



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