How To Get A Professional Hair Blowout At Home

Achieving the perfect professional hair blowout at home is not easy, until now.  These simple techniques paired with the right tools have me looking like I walked out of the salon in just 10 minutes.

Professional Hair Blowout At Home: with just a few tips!
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How To Do A Professional Blowout At Home:

Products Used to Achieve Professional Hair Blowout At Home:

At Home Blowout Tips:

  • My hair dryer does not spin.  If you use a spinning brush attachment, your hair is more likely to tangle.
  • Dry hair in the opposite direction first, on your normal heat setting.  This will add volume.
  • Finish drying hair in the right direction using your regular heat setting.
  • Set the style by hitting your hair with the cool setting and cooling it all the way through (in the direction that you want it to stay).

Shop Blowout Products:

What is your favorite time-saving hair tool?  Comment below.  I’m going to need a lot of time-saving tips after the baby comes!


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