How To Get A Professional Hair Blow Out At Home

Achieving the perfect professional hair blow out at home is not easy, until now.  These simple techniques paired with the right tools have me looking like I walked out of the salon in just 10 minutes.

Professional Hair Blow out At Home: with just a few tips!
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See How It’s Done:

Products Used to Achieve Professional Hair Blow Out At Home:

Remember the Tips:

  • My hair dryer does not spin.  If you use a spinning brush attachment, your hair is more likely to tangle.
  • Dry hair in the opposite direction first, on your normal heat setting.  This will add volume.
  • Finish drying hair in the right direction using your regular heat setting.
  • Set the style by hitting your hair with the cool setting and cooling it all the way through (in the direction that you want it to stay).

Shop the Products:

What is your favorite time-saving hair tool?  Comment below.  I’m going to need a lot of time-saving tips after the baby comes!


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