Product Review- Exfoliating Peel

Forever Flawless diamond infused facial peeling gel

We all know the people in the kiosks at the mall who call out to you as you walk by.  I’ve never succumbed to their requests that I stop or take samples.  When I visit the mall, I’m focused and on a mission.  My husband on the other hand, it too sweet to pass by dismissively.  One day he came home with diamond infused skin care products and all I could do was laugh.

Product review!  Exfoliating peel

I kept it in my bathroom for a few moths until I finally asked my aesthetician if it was safe for use on my sensitive skin.  She gave the blessing and in the spirit of not being wasteful, I gave it a try.  I was surprised by what actually happened on the surface of my face!

I put a small amount of this jelly on my damp skin and gently rubbed it over the surface.  Meh. Just felt like jelly, but within seconds it absorbed the water and started pilling.  With the product, excess dry tissue peeled up and came off with ease.  I rinsed my face and was shocked at the taught, shiny, healthy skin that revealed.

I now use the Forever Flawless Peel weekly to keep my skin healthy and fresh.

What do you use to keep your skin fresh?


Kate Thakkar

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