Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks. Only a Few Days Left

It’s been a while since my last pregnancy update.  Earlier this week, I turned 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe how quickly the third trimester got away from me.  Between baby showers, putting the finishing touches on our new home, twice weekly doctor’s visits, decorating the nursery, getting our lives ready for Baby Boy, working and blogging, I feel like I just revealed the pregnancy yesterday.

Pregnancy Update:

38 week pregnancy update!
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How far along are you?

I’m 38 weeks and 4 days.

How big is peanut? 

He’s a the size of a watermelon and it sure does feel like I’m carrying a watermelon.  If a watermelon could kick my ribs and punch the nerves in my pelvis.

Total weight gain/loss? 

Too much!  I’m excited to have my body back and get into a healthy routine.  Who’s excited to do this with me?


I’m still sleeping ok.  The first two trimesters, I didn’t have the hot flashes and night sweats that I had pre-pregnancy from the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  Unfortunately the night sweats have made a full fledged return for the third trimester.  It’s not any different than the sleep I had pre-pregnancy, so I can’t complain. Sheex sheets definitely help with temperature control.  Sheex sheets are stretchy, athletic wear-like sheets.  They’re warm enough, but if you sweat like me, they wick it away to cool you off.  They also don’t wrinkle and so, so freaking soft.

Best moment this week? 

I had my very last ultrasound on Monday.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I’ve watched my little boy grow and develop every week on ultrasound and now it’s come to an end.  He was awake and playing with his cord.  It’s so cute to see him pulling on the cord and chewing on it; having a blast in there.  To curb the pregnancy emotions, I ordered an Ultrasound Memory Book that will fit all of his ultrasound photos.  I’m going to put them in order and save them for the days I miss having him so close.


I have all the typical aches and pains of pregnancy at this point.  I’m not sure if the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome makes it worse or not.  Joint pain is kind of my baseline, so it’s nothing I can’t handle.  It’s been worse in the last week, but I’ll be delivering on Monday.  I can do anything for a few weeks.

Swelling continues to be an issue.  At this point, none of my rings fit and I’m just hoping that most of my weight gain beyond the standard 25 lbs is fluid.  It definitely looks to be that way, but we will see!

Food cravings?   

I haven’t had any.  I’ve been trying to eat foods that are good for baby, but I also don’t feel like cooking, so…

Food aversions? 

Everyone says that as the pregnancy comes to an end, eating becomes more difficult due to the baby’s size.  Our little guy is predicted to be almost 8 lbs, but I’m still eating like a champ.


Oh Boy!

Labor signs? 

My amniotic fluid has been high throughout the pregnancy, which causes an “irritable uterus.”  Lol, leave it to me to have an irritable uterus.  Irritability has caused more cramping and contractions than usual.  I’ve actually had a lot of contractions since 22 weeks.  I’m kind of over it.

Belly button in or out? 

Still in!

What I miss?

I miss being a regular sized person.

I miss walking into a room and not having people flock to me, stare at me, touch my belly, ask me how I am…  It’s part of the experience and most of the time I am overjoyed to share how things are going.  It’s the bad days when I’m exhausted, painful and having a ton of contractions that I just want to go unnoticed.  I’ve had a few people reach to touch my tummy expecting to feel kicks and instead they feel a rock-hard contraction.  It’s awkward for both of us.

Of course, I’m going to miss the swooning over my belly when it’s gone.

What I’m looking forward to? 

I’m very happy for the pregnancy pains to come to an end, but I’m also sad my little boy will be separating from me.  I know our bond will continue to grow in ways I can’t imagine, but isn’t that the natural order of things?  Kids grow up and grow into their own identities spending their lives evolving from the little peanut that was once a part of their mother.  Birth marks the first of many milestones.  I just want to lie on my side, cuddle my belly, talk to my boy and stop time.

Although, I could not be more excited to meet this little guy.  I can’t wait to see him and learn his personality.  Thus far, all I’ve had is my imagination and all the ultrasounds and 3D imaging.

I don’t have words for how excited I am to meet him.  My heart is full.


Kate Thakkar

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