Perfect Pouty Lip Tutorial

Bold oxblood lips are in this fall…

get the perfect pouty look

Oxblood, the 2015 Pantone color of the year, is flattering to all skin tones.  Notice how the brown in the color comes out on this model below.  Yet, you will notice the purples and reds that shine through against my fair complexion.

Refinery 29: Bold Lip
I am in love with the lux super saturated dark lips that are in this fall.  Photo: Refinery 29

The only problem with it is that I never really learned to do lipstick the right way, so I felt like a clown!  That’s no bueno!  I hit pinterest and found all of the best tips and when to use them.

Before you apply any color lipstick, you should always exfoliate your lips.  You can use regular sugar, a damp wash cloth or an exfoliating product like this one from Fresh.  This will ensure your lips look smooth and soft after you apply lipstick.

Next you’ll want to apply concealer around the edges of your lips (think where you will be putting lip liner).  Then blend it in.

How to properly apply dark lipstick
This will make the lipliner look clean and contrasted to your skin.

I have always struggled the most with applying lip liner.  It’s important to stay symmetrical and natural with the shape.  I could never get this right and I think it’s because I don’t have a very pronounced cupid’s bow to use as a guideline.  Cupid’s bow is the downward curvature at the center of the top lip.  I was always trying to make mine look more defined and in the process, I would end up with uneven, asymmetric lipliner.  🙁  Lips can vary a lot, so I’m here to show you a simple way to apply liner that will bring out the shape you want.

How to properly apply lipstick.

To help you create a perfectly shaped top/ bottom lip, you should mark points for guidelines.  Draw a point at the peaks of your top lips, the bottom of the cupid’s bow and halfway from the peak to the corner of the mouth.  If you need to, you can mark the bottom lip as shown.

How to properly apply lip liner
This will keep you from making an error freehand and smudging up your lipliner as you try to fix it.
Simply connect the dots.
Simply connect the dots.  You can see that by drawing points, I now have a noticeable cupid’s bow, and it’s even!

Next you’ll need to fill in the sides of the bottom lip and bring the top liner down a little.   You want to leave the round part of your bottom lip free of lip liner, so it will be slightly lighter after lipstick application, which will add fullness.

How to properly apply lip liner.
Notice that the corners of my bottom lip are filled in and I’ve extended the liner of the top lip lower. If I wanted to go for a darker lip at night, I could fill in more of my bottom lip.

Now we are ready to fill in with lipstick.  For a more precise application, you can use a brush.  If you want a dark saturated lip, you can do up to 3-4 applications blotting in between, but make sure you are patting your lips with a tissue and not squeezing the tissue between your lips.  This keeps the lipstick from wearing off unevenly or smudging.

If you want a glossy lip, now is the time to add a little gloss.  If you want a matte look, you can hold a tissue up to your lips and use a make-up brush to gently rub foundation powder on the tissue

How to properly apply lipstick
Applying powder through a tissue gives a matte finish.

This also helps to set the lipstick and keep it from bleeding.  If you want more of a dramatic matte finish, you can apply a very small amount of powder directly to the lips.

I like to finish off the look by dabbing a small amount of highlighter or concealer just at the cupid’s bow.  This adds a nice contrast to the lip liner and cleans up any bleeding that’s happened from the application or blotting process.

How to apply lipstick properly
The final look!


Kate Thakkar

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