Nighttime Skin Care Routine That Saved My Skin

I changed my nighttime skin care routine and my skin completely turned around. It's also cheaper! Pin now, read later.

Ladies, I am so sorry to  burst your bubble, but pregnancy is not always accompanied by beautiful glowing skin.  I had to change my nighttime skin care routine to support the needs of my skin when it dried out and erupted with pregnancy induced acne.

Worried as I was that my skin had taken a turn for the worst, it now looks better than ever.  Today, we’re going to tackle dry skin.  However, if you have oily or combination skin, don’t be afraid of moisturizer.  If you shy away from moisturizer, your skin may be producing more oil just to compensate.  Take a look at my skin care video for more details.

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April Giveaway! The Eye Cream That Cured My ‘Grumpy Cat’ Dark Under Eye Circles

I tried everything for my dark under eye circles, from drugstore to might as well be gold and I’ve finally found an eye cream that cured my dark circles.  This eye cream has been such a miracle to my tired-looking peepers that I have to share.

This eye cream works so well, I'm giving it away! Pin it and don't forget to enter!It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream has dramatically reduced my dark under eye circles.  I almost don’t even believe how well this stuff works.  I’m still surprised in the morning when I look in the mirror in the morning and ‘Grumpy Cat’ isn’t staring back at me. I’m so happy with the results, that I want to give one of you the opportunity to try it out.  Read about the rest of my night-time routine here.
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What’s your can’t-live-without skin care product? Comment below.

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Pregnancy Announcement and the Answers to All of your Burning Questions

Pregnancy Announcement!  Wait, what?  Yes, it’s true, we’re having Baby Luxicon in October.

9 week sonogram

We put off trying for a while due to some health issues I had, so although we hadn’t been trying long, it felt like we waited a long time for that little pink line.  I mentally prepared myself for the possibility that this could be an arduous process.  Babies don’t come easily for many couples and I don’t want to consider myself lucky or ahead of the game.  Post marriage, we’ve been fielding the insidious, “When are you going to start trying?” question for years now.  It’s a relief to finally share the news with everyone.

We shared with family via Facetime and we revealed to friends during my birthday dinner when I unwrapped a present from my husband which turned out to be a onesie and the sonogram.  Now that everyone knows we’re pregnant, I thought it would be fun to answer some pregnancy questions (instead of deflecting questions)!

My Pregnancy Q and A:

Do you know what you’re having?

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What’s in my Bag: Daily Essentials All Women Should Carry

I’ve been putting off doing a “what’s in my bag?” post for a long time, mostly because I carry as much as I possibly can with me at all times.  Is that weird?  Do you do that?  I thought it might be fun to give you a tour of my bag and talk about my daily essentials.  I’m dying to know what are your daily must-haves.  These are the kind of things we women need to share!

What’s in My Bag:

  • Zebra Pens:  These are the creme de la creme of pens.  If you like a fine line and a no-smudge, no-nonsense pen, these need to be your go-to.  Before computer charting, I used to have to chart in tiny boxes on busy nursing flow-sheets and the smaller and neater you could write, the better your chart looked.  I’ve been hooked since.
  • Milk Makeup travel bag.  Sold out sadly, but shop other cute makeup bags below!
  • Variety of lipsticks (shop below).  One of my recent finds (the sample I’ve been carrying everywhere) The Balm: How ‘Bout Them Apples looks great on your lips and cheeks!
  • Button Bags are great for keeping medicine and other tiny gizmos like small hairties and bobby pins.  I keep these on hand for traveling especially, so I don’t have to take an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol or ibuprofen.
  • Moleskin because blisters will ruin your night and these babies work so much better than band aids.
  • Ear Buds.  I can’t grocery shop without them.
  • Chloe Perfume Roller Ball.  I have searched high and low for my signature scent.  Can’t help it, I get tired of smells and I move on quickly.  Chloe is here to stay.  This scent is easy on the nose and it’s not to sweet.  Roller balls are extra convenient for your bag because they don’t spill and they’re small enough for TSA.
  • Hand sanitizer.  Duh, I’m a nurse.
  • Dior So Real Sunnies.  Sunglasses are a must when the sun is out non-stop.  Check out this less expensive option for peepers on a budget.
  • Tangle Teaser.  Your hair will thank you.
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.  Odds are, if you’re out and that desperate for concealer, you probably need one that will get the job done in one step, that’s Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.
  • Nuxe Body Oil.  It’s called dry oil because of it’s less greasy feel.  I buy the Nuxe oil that has a shimmer to it and don’t worry, it’s subtle, you won’t look like you’ve just rubbed stripper all over your arms.  There is a non-shimmer version though.
  • Flint Roller: Perfect for the pet owner.  A lint roller that actually works and won’t stick to everything in your purse.  I am in no way sponsored by any of these products, but I can’t possibly plug Flint enough.  Mine has saved my day on so many occasions.

Shop My Bag:

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Rescue Pets Make the Best Pets: Meet Roo and Atty

Rescue pets have been a part of my family since early childhood.  When my husband finally agreed to get a second cat to play with Atty, there was no question, we were going to adopt.  Of course, if you know us, you know that we don’t have a second cat, we came home with a dog that day, but it was for the best.  Atty, AKA Miss Attitude, needs to be the boss of the house and I’m pretty sure bringing another feline into the mix would have been upsetting.

Meet Atty:

The ultimate princess.  She was a stray who’s mother had a broken leg and was struggling to care for her litter.  My family veterinarian took all of the cats in and mended the mother’s leg.  I took Atty home with me when she was about six months old.  Eleven years later, she’s just as feisty and just as much a princess.

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How to Groom Your Brows Between Appointments and Fill Them in Naturally

Yes, you can groom your brows between appointments! A few years ago, I’d have thought, sure I could, but I’d look like a goofball. Not anymore, I have it down to an art thanks to the products I use. It’s foolproof. Seriously, if you’ve mastered using markers and stencils, you got this!

How to Groom Your Brows:

The right products and handy tools like the stencils make a huge difference whether you’re a beginner or just looking for perfect brows.

Product Tips:

  • Having an actual brow brush, like this one, helps you place the product precisely, as well as fine tune your look after you’re finished.
  • I switched from using powder to pomade a while back. The only reason was that with powder, I have to set it with gel and pomade doesn’t require that step. I’m all about spending less time in front of the mirror.
  • And less money! If you’re going to use the powder, set it with clear mascara instead of paying premium prices for brow gel.
  • Don’t have much to work with? You’re not alone. There are serums that stimulate hair growth that work pretty well. You must be diligent about using them. Good results come from consistent use. I heard you’ll really start to see results after 6 months of using the product. If you’re using a hair growth product already, like Latisse for your lashes, I know several nurses who use it on their brows to stimulate growth and they swear by it.

Shop Brow Products:

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Best Swimsuit Trends for the Beach Body In Progress

It’s March, so you’re beach ready right?  Me either, but because it’s heating up in Scottsdale already and I’m headed to Cuba next month, I find myself already looking up current swimsuit trends.  To my surprise, there are more rashguard suits to choose from this year than years past.

Two years ago, I bought my first one and I loved having something that was sleek, cool and sexy that also kept me more covered.  I bought it for a trip to Kauai and it was the perfect way to keep my shoulders covered after the got a bit too sunkissed.

Swimsuit Trends for the Beach Body In Progress. Pin now, read later
Shop Neo Lux Suit.

Why is the rashguard swimsuit trend so awesome?

  • Help mommas with tiger stripes hide them in a stylish way, should they choose to
  • Hides abs ‘in progress’
  • Covers/prevents sunburn
  • Keeps you a more covered for those pool events where you just don’t want to bare all (niece or nephew’s birthday party)
  • They can be very slimming

Which suits are the most slimming?

Look for color-blocking like this these.  The vertical side panels frame the body and create an hourglass effect even when the wearer doesn’t have an hourglass shape. Black panels create negative space and make the midsection look slimmer.

Shop Color-blocked Rashguards:

Solid colors also draw attention away and can be slimming. If you’re looking to flaunt a feature, like your bust, wear a bright color or busy pattern in the area you’re looking to flaunt. To distract from an area, do the opposite.

Shop All My Rashguard Picks:

What kind of suit are you most comfortable in? Comment below!


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How To Do A Quick Full Makeup Look in 5 Minutes

Fitting a full makeup routine into 5 minutes is tough, but doable.  Successfully pulling it off has as much to do with application as it does choosing the right products.  Check out my frantic morning routine:

Quick Full Makeup Look:

Unfortunately, this crazy routine is well-practiced.  One day I’ll get it together!

Application Process:

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5 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

We have been bred to be “ladies” and being a proper lady means feeling guilty for things we should not; we need to stop apologizing.  Do you do that?  Feel the need to justify yourself for spending that hard earned cash, taking that vacation, spending some ‘me time’ away from the kids?  Do you feel like other people pass judgement whether you choose to justify it or not?

Recently, I was reminiscing with my coworkers about our OB and Pediatric rotations.  I had a 10 month old patient who had fallen down the stairs and had bilateral brain contusions.  Her parents had not introduced any solid foods, not even rice cereal.  The baby didn’t know what to do with solid foods.  As a student, I was glad to spend a few hours coaxing this sweet angel into eating some rice cereal, a task for which the overworked hospital staff didn’t have time.

One of my classmates saw me feeding her (successfully!) and exclaimed, “Kate, I didn’t know you had a maternal bone in your body.”  She meant it within the context that because I worked hard, made excellent grades and my priorities were to advance my career, that I couldn’t possibly be kind hearted and nurturing.  Her words were suggestive that a woman focused on her career isn’t capable of being a good mother.  It went beyond just snarky comments about work/life balance.  Though she thought she was being clever, the comments were hurtful.

She was a single mother who had her first child as a teen.  She lived different lifestyle than I did.  I never thought anything of it when she showed up tired or with late homework.  It’s tough enough to be a woman today.  She should not have to apologize for her priorities, nor should I.

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How to Shop for Shorts by Body Type

I haven’t always known how to shop for shorts that flatter me.  In fact, in high school, I began thinking that shorts were no longer flattering at all on the adult body with which I was just beginning to become acquainted.  Avoiding shorts in the midwest worked out fine because the air conditioning in public places was always full blast during Summer, so you were constantly oscillating between sweating through your t-shirt or turning into an actual human Popsicle.

Living in Arizona, I realized that year round pants cannot be avoided.  The air conditioning is kept at a much more comfortable temperature inside businesses because it’s expensive and it’s just plain rude to assault customers who braved the 110° heat with a 68° polar vortex.

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