Hair Extension Options

Almost everyone I know has tried hair extensions at some point.  Everything You Wanted To Know About Hair Extensions

Wait what?

As a novice to hair extensions and beauty in general, as of a few years ago, I was astounded to find out that most of my friends used false hair pieces.  This seemed so weird to me.   I get home and remove my stockings and makeup the way they remove their hair at night.  Odd as it may have seemed, I was intrigued.  How high maintenance are these lustrous locks and how much does one pay to have a full mane?  This was just the beginning; I had lots of questions.  I researched the different types of hair extensions and eventually gave them a try myself.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hair Extensions

Here’s what I found:

Hair Extension Facts

  • Hair extensions can be applied if your hair is as little as three inches long.
  • You should choose hair extensions based on how they are applied/removed, hair type, weight, synthetic vs. real human hair, budget, and maintenance.
  • Extensions can be used to add length and or volume.
  • There are options that grow with hair and have to be removed and replaced after a few months or longer, as well as clip in options that are removable after a single use.

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Why I don’t do New Years Resolutions

I exist in a constant state of doing my best under the given circumstances and sometimes, the circumstances seem damn impossible.  I live with a painful condition that affects my joints, which is manageable (a sometimes generous term), not fixable.  Looking back to when I didn’t have adequate treatment options, I think, “Well that wasn’t a good couple of years.”  I still have rough weeks and even months at times.

Life is a journey and while we carry the burden of personal and societal expectations to check off milestones, these expectations are not a given, they cannot be controlled, forced or willed to happen.  This uncertainty can feel debilitating, especially for young adults.  Get married, have kids, go get a killer job, be successful, get/stay in shape, travel, the list goes on.  From an outsider’s prospective, it’s easy to see that this list can’t be forced, yet intrinsically, these perceived benchmarks are serious hotspots for stress.

My hotspot has always been my health.  My fitness goals have long been limited (I hate that word) directed (I don’t know if that’s better) by my body.  Last year, I had another health issue creep up.  Early in 2016, I saw my doctor for a checkup, because I’m now in my thirties, so it’s time to start adulting right?  Surprise! Continue Reading

How To Appear More Photogenic: Part 1

We all have that one friend who always takes the perfect photo.  What’s her secret?  Unless she’s Angelina Jolie, I’d say she probably isn’t perfect; she just has the right moves.  You CAN learn to be more photogenic too!

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Read this before you dye your hair that crazy color!

2016 was an incredible year.  I jumped in with the blog and hit the ground running, took some big risks and made it a year of “yes,” because why not?  I decided I wasn’t afraid of risks and I went after everything I wanted.

What did I want?

Among other things, I wanted Instaworthy hair.  I’d never done anything I deemed different or fun with my hair.  I’ve always bounced between blonde (because it’s cheaper to grow your own color) and red, which I love best.  With envy, I watched the hair color trends on Pinterest and Instagram for several months.  I even found an app to try on the looks.


Read this before you dye your hair that crazy color

I was hooked.  No turning back.  I decided to do it.  I had never inflicted these chemicals upon my hair, so it was a gamble.  Sure I would no doubt have less healthy hair than before, but how bad could it be?  Maybe my hair will handle it with grace.  Right, because I have magic fine hair, resistant to damage.

I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge or change my mind after it’s set.

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Surviving Dryuary

12.24.16. Brunching . . . . . . . . . . . #food #yummy#delicious #potd #editorial #foodporn #foodpic #foodie #food #foodgasm #dinner #champagne #lookbook #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #instagood #instamood #instadaily #moda #chic #blogger #blog #mouthgasm #madewithlove #locallygrown #arizona #pasta

Congratulations, you have survived cuffing season; it’s now time to ready your Summer bod.

What a better way to kick off, “New Year, New Me” season than cutting alcohol out of your life for an entire month.  You guys are serious about this?

“The practice of not drinking for the entire month of January — staying “dry” — usually in response to over-consumption during the holidays. Avoiding alcohol for the month can be seen as a form of New Year’s resolution intended to cleanse the liver, promote a more healthy lifestyle, atone for sins of the past, etc. Drynuary usually results in an increase in seeing movies, drinking sparkling water in bars, and hanging out in diners drinking coffee on Saturday nights.
Usually followed by an ill-advised reentry into heavy boozing on February 1st without realizing how badly your tolerance has suffered.”  Urban Dictionary.

I don’t take issue with this practice alone or the notion that it’s sometimes necessary to scale back on indulgence.  Dryuary, Drynuary or Dry January, all of which sound disturbingly close to a medical condition that one ought to avoid, approaches obnoxious when one cannot complete the task of abstaining one month without continuous reminders on Twitter, Insta, Snap, FB and any and all other platforms which presents an opportunity to visually shout, “I’m better than you!”

Does seeing a wine glass full of water make you think, “That person is so healthy!”  Queue hashtags #almostturningmywaterintowine #sparklingwater #noalcoholbeyondthispoint #healthychoices #mocktail #detox #goodhabits #nojaegerbombshere #cantwaitformy8AMmeeting #day4 #day5.  Still no?

Hand to forehead, you get the idea.

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How to Fake Being Rested

How to Fake Being Well Rested

It’s time to start adulting again and while you may be chanting your new mantra, “New Year, new me!” in your head, the holidays are probably still on your heels, or in my case, my hips.  If you’re in the same boat as me, you didn’t sleep enough, ate too much junk food, drank too much, caught a cold and now it’s back to work.

I love you guys, but I don’t really want to show you my dry, overtired, designer bag toting eyes, so how do I do it?

The key is taking care of yourself after the fact (you’re going to hit those holiday parties, dates, late nights with family and hometown friends, etc…), so embrace it, treat it and when all else fails, cover it up!

Best Beauty Secrets To Fake Being Rested

  1.  Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads, $18
    How to Fake Being Well Rested

    These slippery little pads are like gold to my dark circles.  After washing my face, I leave these guys under my eyes for 20 minutes and BAM, brighter more awake eyes.

  2. Sephora Collection Eye Mask, $5
    How to Fake Being Well Rested

    Sephora offers a variety of eye masks for your specific eye needs.  For tired eyes, try the Lotus mask or the Green Tea Mask.  (products with caffeine are your friend if you are prone to puffy under eye circles).

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New Month, New Giveaway!

The results are in for last month’s giveaway!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun!  Share with your friends for more entries!


The Luxicon

Gift Guide For Less

It’s not easy shopping for office gift exchanges, and white elephant games when the budget is under $25.  I feel badly handing over a gift I know will undoubtedly make it’s way through the realm of re-gifted joyless return.  I’ve scoured the internet for days searching for 10 interesting under $25’s.

Ten Best Gifts Under $25

  1.  Scratch off map, $16.93, for the frequent flyer.
Scratch Off Map: Best Gifts Under $25

2.  Elsa Glass Tea Light Candle Holders,$7.95-12.95, for the minimalist.

Hurricane Candle Holder

3. Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper, $24.89 for the Wino.

Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper: Best gifts under $25

4. Clowder Cat Scarf, $8 (psst, comes in beige, black and pink).

Kitten Scarf: Best Gifts Under $25

5. Rati Vase, $24.95, for the decorator.

Rati Vase: Best Gifts Under $25

6. Amco Rub Away Bar, $8,  for the cook.  Ok, this one may need some explaining.  I own one of these and it’s amazing!  I can cook with fish, garlic and onion, then wash with this steel bar and my hands no longer smell like the summer I spent as a short order cook, prepping food and slinging grease.

Rub away bar, for the cook! Best gifts under $25.

7.  For the skin care enthusiast, Sephora Collection Mask It! Sheet mask set, $25.

Sheet Mask Collection, Best Gifts Under $25

8.  Chealsea28 Sheer Dot Ankle Socks, $9, for the fearless friend who is not afraid of wearing socks with heels.

Sheer Dot Socks: Best gifts under $25

9.  I’m silently correcting your grammar T-Shirt, $17, because we all have that friend.  If you’re my friend, I’m correcting your grammar.  Sorry.

T-shirt for that one

10.  Mindfulness Mug, $14, for the yogi in your life and because everyone loves a strategically placed curse word.

Mindfulness Mug: Best Gifts Under $25


Living Proof Split End Mender Giveaway!!

I am so in love with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Fresh Cut Split End Mender, $24, that I’m giving it away!  No sponsorship or affiliation at all, just a satisfied customer.  If you’ve been following my hair journey, you know, it’s been a long road.  I’ve bleached, dyed, fried and tortured my hair over the last year and few products have offered actual results.  What does Split End Mender promise?  It seals the cuticle and gets rid of those fuzzy little ends.

Split End Mender Giveaway!

The formula is not heavy or greasy.  It works best after a fresh cut and when hair is wet, but I use it daily on dry or wet hair to ward off unwanted ends.

Enter below for a chance to win a full sized bottle.

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What’s up with beauty blenders? Do they work? Are they worth it?

So what’s the deal with beauty blenders?  I have a million brushes, why do I need a beauty blender too?  Let’s check out the difference between my regular blending brush and the beauty blender.

I spent about the same amount of time and yielded much better results with my new pink fluffy miracle.  Beauty blenders get the thumbs up from this blogger.  I’ll be collecting them from now on.  I used a cheaper blending sponge in the video, I’ll have to give the Original Beauty Blender, $20 a try and see if there is a notable difference.

Beauty Blenders, are they worth it?
Notice the unblended areas left over on the photo on the left.

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