Best Swimsuit Trends for the Beach Body In Progress

It’s March, so you’re beach ready right?  Me either, but because it’s heating up in Scottsdale already and I’m headed to Cuba next month, I find myself already looking up current swimsuit trends.  To my surprise, there are more rashguard suits to choose from this year than years past.

Two years ago, I bought my first one and I loved having something that was sleek, cool and sexy that also kept me more covered.  I bought it for a trip to Kauai and it was the perfect way to keep my shoulders covered after the got a bit too sunkissed.

Swimsuit Trends for the Beach Body In Progress. Pin now, read later
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Why is the rashguard swimsuit trend so awesome?

  • Help mommas with tiger stripes hide them in a stylish way, should they choose to
  • Hides abs ‘in progress’
  • Covers/prevents sunburn
  • Keeps you a more covered for those pool events where you just don’t want to bare all (niece or nephew’s birthday party)
  • They can be very slimming

Which suits are the most slimming?

Look for color-blocking like this these.  The vertical side panels frame the body and create an hourglass effect even when the wearer doesn’t have an hourglass shape. Black panels create negative space and make the midsection look slimmer.

Shop Color-blocked Rashguards:

Solid colors also draw attention away and can be slimming. If you’re looking to flaunt a feature, like your bust, wear a bright color or busy pattern in the area you’re looking to flaunt. To distract from an area, do the opposite.

Shop All My Rashguard Picks:

What kind of suit are you most comfortable in? Comment below!


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How To Do A Quick Full Makeup Look in 5 Minutes

Fitting a full makeup routine into 5 minutes is tough, but doable.  Successfully pulling it off has as much to do with application as it does choosing the right products.  Check out my frantic morning routine:

Quick Full Makeup Look:

Unfortunately, this crazy routine is well-practiced.  One day I’ll get it together!

Application Process:

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5 Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

We have been bred to be “ladies” and being a proper lady means feeling guilty for things we should not; we need to stop apologizing.  Do you do that?  Feel the need to justify yourself for spending that hard earned cash, taking that vacation, spending some ‘me time’ away from the kids?  Do you feel like other people pass judgement whether you choose to justify it or not?

Recently, I was reminiscing with my coworkers about our OB and Pediatric rotations.  I had a 10 month old patient who had fallen down the stairs and had bilateral brain contusions.  Her parents had not introduced any solid foods, not even rice cereal.  The baby didn’t know what to do with solid foods.  As a student, I was glad to spend a few hours coaxing this sweet angel into eating some rice cereal, a task for which the overworked hospital staff didn’t have time.

One of my classmates saw me feeding her (successfully!) and exclaimed, “Kate, I didn’t know you had a maternal bone in your body.”  She meant it within the context that because I worked hard, made excellent grades and my priorities were to advance my career, that I couldn’t possibly be kind hearted and nurturing.  Her words were suggestive that a woman focused on her career isn’t capable of being a good mother.  It went beyond just snarky comments about work/life balance.  Though she thought she was being clever, the comments were hurtful.

She was a single mother who had her first child as a teen.  She lived different lifestyle than I did.  I never thought anything of it when she showed up tired or with late homework.  It’s tough enough to be a woman today.  She should not have to apologize for her priorities, nor should I.

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How to Shop for Shorts by Body Type

I haven’t always known how to shop for shorts that flatter me.  In fact, in high school, I began thinking that shorts were no longer flattering at all on the adult body with which I was just beginning to become acquainted.  Avoiding shorts in the midwest worked out fine because the air conditioning in public places was always full blast during Summer, so you were constantly oscillating between sweating through your t-shirt or turning into an actual human Popsicle.

Living in Arizona, I realized that year round pants cannot be avoided.  The air conditioning is kept at a much more comfortable temperature inside businesses because it’s expensive and it’s just plain rude to assault customers who braved the 110° heat with a 68° polar vortex.

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Dry Shampoo that Doesn’t Leave a Residue

I have tried every dry shampoo in existence from expensive to drugstore to home remedies and I have finally found the holy grail; dry shampoo that doesn’t leave a residue behind.  They all claim not to leave residue and some have even colored the formula to leave a brown residue for brunettes.  Red heads get no love.  Even if I follow the directions to a ‘T’ I get chalky white stuff all over my hair and it’s worse if my husband uses it in his black hair.  Aren’t there more dark haired people in the world than blondes?  Why has this remained an issue for so long?

I may not have the answer to that question, but I do have the solution to the problem. Continue Reading

How To Make Every Hat Fit Like It Was Made For You

I’ve heard so many times,  “I can’t wear hats, they never fit.”

Easy there, Goldilocks, I have the solution.  You can make every hat fit like a, well, like a hat is supposed to fit.

This seriously works and it's so easy!  Pin now, read later.
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February Giveaway Winner

We have a winner!  Jen S, you have won, Schwarzkopf OSIS Dust It Mattifying Powder.  I’ve contacted you by email to arrange sending you your loot.

Tune in next week for the new giveaway announcement!


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How to Do a Cat Eye Look Even If You Suck at Winged Eye Liner

The cat eye look can be a catastrophe if you haven’t mastered winged eyeliner.  We’ve all been there.  One wing looks perfect and the other wing looks like you tried to do it with your left hand and eyes closed.  Then you think, oh I can even them out, watch this…  Before you know it, you’re washing your entire face.  Don’t let this happen to you the next time you attempt a cat eye look.  Follow along this easy tutorial and you’ll have a flawless look every time.
How To Do A Cat Eye Look Even If You Suck At Winged Eye Liner

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5 Ways Marriage Has Taught Me To Be Independent

After two years of marriage, eight years together and looking ahead to a life that will surely be emotionally indebted to our future children, I find myself reflecting upon how different life is now than our early days.  As a young impressionable college age millennial, I viewed marriage as a contract to which two people entered and became one, or in other words, each person became half, but that is not so in our case.  Marriage has gifted me with more independence than ever.

Consider the marriage idioms that we’ve become accustomed to:

Tie the knot. Tied together.

Ball and chain.  Held down, or held back.

Old lady.  If you get married, you pass your prime and accept your role as someone’s “old lady.”

Become an item.  Two people get involved with each other and morph into some sort of “item.”  What are you when you aren’t “an item?”

You get the idea.  It’s no wonder as a young woman, I often felt as though I needed to cling to my identity for fear of losing it.  While it’s true that there are many people who change their identity to the tune of their current love interest, when the right person enters your life, you become more the person you already are and blossom into the person you were meant to be.

5 Ways Marriage Taught Me To Be More Independent. Pin now, read later.

5 Ways Marriage Taught Me To Be Independent

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Universally Flattering Dresses: They Work On All Body Types!

We’ve all experienced walking to the department store dressing room, arms heavy with merch, accompanied by an optimistic employee eager to move in as your style-bestie only to exit the dressing room empty-handed and exhausted.  There are not many, but I promise you, there are universally flattering dresses that look good on every type of figure.

How can a dress that looks great on a 2 be universally flattering on everyone from bean pole to curvaceous?  The secret is the fit and flare silhouette.  Dresses that are tighter through the natural waistline (the smallest part of the waist, which is different from person to person, but usually rests slightly higher than the belly button), and flare out at the hips are considered “fit and flare.”

Universally flattering dresses that work on every body type.  Pin now, read later.

But what makes the fit and flare dress so universally flattering?”

I have a rectangular/ athletic body type.  I have slim waist, but I don’t possess enough curves considered an hourglass shape.  The fit and flare dress accentuates the smallest part of the waist and adds volume at the hips, which gives the illusion of curves.   Continue Reading