Shopping Guide: Sexy Swimwear 2017: Effortless Sex Appeal

I’ve been waiting to bring you the Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide until I shared all my other swimwear guides.  If you want to slay at the beach, you should know how to pick the best suit for your body.  It’s also, though sometimes inevitable, nice to avoid that moment when you squeeze into a slinky little number, look in the mirror and just laugh at how incredibly different the suit looks on you than the model.  While this humbling moment can’t always be avoided, it helps to know which styles work best for your body type.

Need a little refresher before we get started?

2017 Swimwear Guides

Flattering Swimsuits for the Beach Body in Progress

Guide to Shopping Modest Swimwear

How to Find Unique Swimsuits

Flattering Swimwear for Large Busts

Flattering Swimwear for Small Busts

Flattering Swimwear for Big Hips

Ready to shop?

Sexy Swimwear Guide 2017. Effortlessly sexy swimsuits
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Sexy Swimwear 2017 Picks:

Any swimsuit in wet leather is haute.  I chose this Heidi Merrick Josep SET because the fabric choice is sexy, while the silhouette is less overt.
Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Who says one piece suits can’t be sexy? The Tularosa Tularosa Saffron One Piece Swimsuit cutouts are anything but basic.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

The higher cut leg openings on this Del Mar by Berjheny Alayna Maillot in Black suit elongates legs. I would feel like a goddess in this suit. Do you think they’ll make it in maternity? Quite possibly wouldn’t have the same affect.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Delicate, flirty lace details compliment the For Love & Lemons La Rochelle Bandeau Bikini Top.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

If there’s one brand that knows how to turn up the heat, it’s La Pearla. La Perla Millerighe Padded Jacquard Swimsuit perfectly shapes the body for a slimming sophisticated look.
Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Spotted on the Kardashians, this Marissa One Piece suit is flattering to most.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

There’s something so suggestive about a nude suit. St Lucia One Piece creates the illusion of a sheer suit with floral applique, though it’s not sheer at all.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Theres something nostalgically scandalous about the Knot Bikini Top.
Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Texture puts a twist on this classic Bralette Bikini Top.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

This sporty Eos Bikini Top reveals just enough to make the cut.
Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Usually monokinis that widen at the hips from a narrow midline highlight the hips in a less than flattering way on even the thinnest of women. The Kill Bill One Piece has enough going on up top that the look is balanced and chic.

Sexy Swimwear 2017 Shopping Guide

Who’s ready for Summer?

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Why You Need to Know How To Bake Makeup

I keep seeing Pinterest Pins and blog posts on “How to bake makeup.”   I can’t be the only one thinking…

What the heck is baking makeup?

I’m going to heat up my makeup?

Is this like when I learned to heat my eye liner with a lighter and it glides on more smoothly? [Use a hair dryer, it’s safer].

Or like the time I was taught to use my hair dryer to heat my eye lash curler and I burned my eyelid?

No thank you.  I’m good.

But this trend is sustainable and people keep talking about it, so I listened.  It’s not really even a trend, makeup artists and drag queens have been doing this forever.  You know what… it works!

How to bake makeup and why you'll never go back!

What Does it Mean to Bake Makeup?

Baking makeup doesn’t actually have anything to do with applying heat to your beloved makeup collection.  The term “bake” is referring to allowing setting powder to heat up by body heat.  You pile on loads of setting powder to just  a few areas of your face, let it sit for anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the kind of time you have and that extra time combined with body heat sets makeup for all day wear.  There are a few tricky points to follow in order to achieve the best full makeup look without caking or creasing.  Check out the video for the detailed recipe and instructions.

Why Does Baking Makeup Work?

I mention in the video that this was my first attempt at baking makeup.  I usually try things out myself before jumping right into a video, but I already knew this technique was solid.  I stumbled upon the principle for this a while back with my air brush makeup.  I mistakenly sprayed my brush when I still had a few steps to go, so I put the brush down while I finished.  When I applied my makeup, the foundation wasn’t cold, it had warmed considerably on the brush before I used it.  It also applied much more evenly and didn’t require as much as I usually need.  This is why makeup artists pump foundation onto the back of their hand before applying it directly to a client.  The makeup warms on the skin and applies better.  The same principle applies to baking.  Leaving setting spray and powder on for a longer duration, gives it a chance to warm on the skin and set properly before the excess is removed.

How to Bake Makeup

Shop the Products:

Hourglass Vanish(TM) Seamless Finish Foundation Stick – Warm Beige:  My base layer used prior to starting the video.  Great for overall coverage.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream:  Under eye cream is key to hydrating beneath your eye and stopping creasing before it starts.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer: This concealer was perfect for baked makeup.  The consistency is exactly what you should be looking for.

Bobbie Brown Tinted Under Eye Brightener:  My go to for days when I don’t need as much coverage.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer:  This stuff is a dream.  If I were going for a full long-wear look, I would have used this.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush:  Smaller, precision, powder brush is best for depositing powder under the eyes without smudging it up onto your eyelids.

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder:  Definitely use the loose powder over pressed.  Laura Mercier setting powder is the way to go.  This stuff is so fine and lightweight; it goes on smooth every time.

Dior ‘Diorskin Nude Air’ Healthy Glow Invisible Powder – 030 Medium Beige:  This powder should be used to remove excess setting powder.  The consistency is fine and it applies lightly.  I’ve been using it for years, but lately, my preggo skin has been so dry, I don’t need powder, so I had no clue I was out.

What makeup trend have tried lately?


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What Do Fashion Bloggers Do: A Day In The Life Of The Luxicon

Ever asked the question, “What do fashion bloggers do?”  Do they sit around taking Instagram photos of fancy food, sipping designer coffee and only occasionally doing any real work?  Nope.  My days are way crazier than that.  Follow me for a day to see what it’s like.

Ever asked, "What do fashion do bloggers do? Follow me for a day to find out.
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What Do Fashion Bloggers Do:

I mentioned in the video that this was a bit of a strange day, so how does this day actually stack up?

  • I actually got a workout in.  Usually, I don’t get to do Barre workouts.  I typically, when not pregnant, do barre workouts 1-2 times per week.  Cardio is too important when you’re glued to a computer all day, so I bought one of these babies:

I use it nearly every day.  I feel like it does a great job of keeping my legs toned.  A lot of blogging is work that I can do while on a bike, if I could get my computer with me.  Now I can.

  • I had a doctor’s appointment.  Because of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I have to have checkups with the OB every two weeks right now, so I feel like every time I turn around, it’s time again.
  • I actually got to do some sewing.  On an average day, that time would have been spent writing content, but you guys don’t want to watch me sit and type right?
  • Pinterest usually gets about 20-30 minutes of attention and a few times a month, I spend time working on marketing; creating ads and things like that.  Bloggers have to devote time to growing the blog, or it doesn’t make for sustainable income.
  • It’s worth noting that I didn’t finish most of the posts that were supposed to go up while we were gone.  C’est la vie.

How did the Sewing Projects Go?

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Flattering Swimsuits for Big Hips: Spring 2017 Swimwear Shopping Guide:

Flattering swimsuits for big hips may seem like an oxymoron; how can a suit be flattering when swimsuits leave the hips are bare?  There are some key guidelines that make a big difference in appearance.  It’s possible, trust me.

This really sunk in for me when I toured the Miracle Suit Showroom in New York.  I saw loads of before and after photos and the results were incredible.  Miracle Suit is a shape-wear company for swim, so they are like Spanx, but the before and after shots went beyond squeezing into shape-wear.  Colors, patterns, prints, fit and design details make a big difference.

Tips for Shopping Flattering Swimsuits for Big Hips:

  • Use prints, patterns and design features up top to draw attention up.  Solid colors on the bottom of the suit (one piece or two) will minimize the lower half.
  • If you’re more pale, shop darker striking solid colors like: navy, jewel tones, oxblood.  If you’re tan or darker skinned, go for brighter colors.
  • Boy shorts make the hips look wider, no matter what your shape.  If you’re looking to elongate the legs and minimize hips, choose a higher cut bottom rather than a boy cut.
  • Halter tops and triangle cut tops will draw the eye up and narrow the upper body, whereas bandeau tops widen the bust.  You may want to widen the bust for balance depending on your shape.
  • If you have a smaller figure, smaller prints will work, but if you have a larger figure, the small prints work against you, so rock the larger patterns.
  • Shape-wear can also be very beneficial toward hiding problem areas.
2017 Shopping Guide: Best Swimsuits for Big Hips
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Notice the design feature on the top of this one piece..  The eye is drawn up toward the sparkly chains. Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Get Mom What She Really Wants

Fresh out of Mother’s Day gift ideas?  Careful, Mother’s Day is around the corner, but you have just enough time to order gifts online.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas.  Get Mom what she really wants this year!
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Traditional Mom

Traditional Mom’s may enjoy flowers. I’ve Flora2000 has exceptional arrangements.

No Fuss Mum

What to do about the Mom who doesn’t want anything? This is a difficult topic that I can relate to all too well. I’m not big on celebrating myself or calling attention to myself in general. I’m also becoming less and less sentimental as I get older. It brings me more joy to have a clean home than to look at clutter all day. That’s not to say that I’m not going to keep my kid’s projects over the years and celebrate them, I’m just not into it for myself. So what do you do?

  • Plane tickets. If you live in the same town, it can be a promise of a weekend trip together, plane tickets on you, or if you live far, it can be an understanding that you’ll pick up the tab for the next visit.
  • Choose a gift that gives back. PUNJAMMIES® loungewear is made by women in India who are at the highest risk of or survivors of human trafficking. Every purchase of PUNJAMMIES® invests in job-creation programs and skills-training to allow women who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children. Good HYouMan is a brand that partners with humans like you and me for designs and gives a portion of the proceeds to the cause of their choice.

Shop Good HYouMan:


The Nester:

Ever notice that some women are way more into decorating and redecorating than others? The photos in my frames are generally 8 to 10 years old, but lately, I’ve had the bug. I don’t know if it’s just the baby on the way or selling the house, but I have become one of those women who can get lost in the Target home section, a club I’m happy to join. I’ve been paying attention to things like candles for the house, fresh flowers and the little touches that make our home feel like its ours. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hobby Mommy:

Mom’s have to have hobbies. When the kids are younger, it keeps them sane and when the kids are grown, it forms their identity beyond “mom.” Support Mom’s hobbies, she supported yours! If she’s really into places that have ongoing membership fees, inquire about getting a gift card for her to use toward credits.

Maître D’ Mom

Whether mom just takes pride in her kitchen, as she should, and enjoys a whimsical kitchen or mom is serious about her culinary cucina, kitchen gifts will show her you care. Don’t forget about food subscription services. Blue Apron was great for us, but the prep time was a bit much and the meals weren’t as healthy as I would have liked. Blue Apron is for the mom who has time to cook. Hello Fresh is our current go to for dinners. The meals are tasty, healthy and the prep time is minimal. For lunches, I enjoy Daily Harvest smoothies and soups. Gift cards to subscription services are great for the mom who could use a little help simplifying meal planning and enjoys cooking new meals.


Mom’s can always use some down time. We are responsible for far too many things and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to allow her to pamper herself. These are my best picks from spa goddess to back yard lounge queen.

Charmed Mamma:

Shopping for jewelry for your Mother or your spouse is not easy.  Women are usually particular, so if it’s going to be a bigger purchase, make sure to get her input or gather the proper intel from friends and family.  You want her to covet the special gifts you give.  If you’re looking to give her an everyday kind of special piece to remind her how much you love her, I enjoy the less literal pieces to heart-shaped “obvious” pieces.  Take this Beth Macri hidden message necklace for instance.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

You could add the children’s names, write “Nana” or whatever grandmother-like term is used in your family.  Be creative and make it something meaningful to her.

I am also slightly obsessed with Lotus jewelry because of the meaning behind it.  The Lotus Blossom blooms in murky water and signifies that no matter what circumstances surround you, you can always choose to live beautifully and make the right choices.  Isn’t that what mom always taught you and what the light in your life reminds you of daily.  What a perfect gift for your special Lotus Blossom.  I typically choose the less obvious lotus petals because I want the piece to hold meaning to me alone.  There are more and more pieces like this on the market.

Shop my Mothers Day Jewelry Picks:

What are you getting your Mamma this year?


Mamma’s Day is Around the Corner! Don’t Forget Mother’s Day Flowers!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Don’t know what to get mom? Flowers are always a great way to say thank you.
Check out Flora2000 for extra special arrangements. Tune in tomorrow for the full gift guide sure to please any mom.


Spring 2017 Small Bust Swimsuit Guide

Whether you’re looking to balance your body type or just find suits that fit right and flatter you, the 2017 small bust swimsuit guide has you covered.  You may not have had it easier in middle school (was anyone else a member of the IBTC?), but these days swimwear has a lot more to offer the gal with a smaller bust.  We’ll take what we can get right ladies?

So what do I buy?

Small Bust Swimwear Guide:  What to wear and how to shop!
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Small Bust Swimsuit Guide: Styling Principles

Small Bust Swimwear Picks:

The Luxicon

May 2017 Giveaway: tarte Brazilliance™ PLUS+ Self-Tanner + Mitt

May 2017 Giveaway

May 2017 Giveaway!
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tarte Brazilliance™ PLUS+ Self-Tanner + Mitt.  This stuff is liquid gold, quite literally.  I have tried a wide variety of products.  Before going with my usual this Spring, I did some homework and found that the internet is no longer raving about the products I used to use.  Everyone is talking about Tart Brazilliance.  I gave it a try and I must say that it does work pretty close to how they say it does.

Here’s what Sephora says it does:

What it is formulated to do:
Fake a just-back-from-vacation bronze with this updated, skin-loving version of tarte’s best-selling Brazilliance™ self-tanner. Infused with a powerful boost of natural exfoliators and moisturizers, it will give you a natural-looking, deep-toned tan in as little as four hours plus skin that feels sexy, smooth, and hydrated. The tinted bronze gel and new custom application mitt guarantee an even, streak-free tan, and the proprietary PUREshield™ scent-control technology ensures you’ll only see—not smell—your new glow. A skinvigorating™ new blend of squalane, aloe, and citric acid to help condition and promote surface exfoliation, prepping skin for each application so your lasting sunless tan fades gradually, evenly, naturally, and flawlessly over time.

What I say:

  • The tan shows up bolder (you will notice some color immediately) after about 4 hours; spot on.
  • My skin is definitely not nearly as dry as it is after all the other products I’ve tried.  Bonus!
  • It’s not scent free.  It still smells like self tanner, but on a much lower end of the spectrum.  I’ll definitely take this scent over others.
  • Application is easy and it is streak free.  I haven’t had any problems with splotchiness, like with other products.  Now, if they would just invent a product to help you get your back, it would be perfect!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy It For Yourself:

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How To Get A Professional Hair Blowout At Home

Achieving the perfect professional hair blowout at home is not easy, until now.  These simple techniques paired with the right tools have me looking like I walked out of the salon in just 10 minutes.

Professional Hair Blowout At Home: with just a few tips!
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How To Do A Professional Blowout At Home:

Products Used to Achieve Professional Hair Blowout At Home:

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