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If you don’t know about Rent the Runway, I’m about to make your day!

Rent the Runway is a website that allows consumers to browse dresses (and some rompers, skirts, etc…) ranging from casual to black tie, and rent them for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.  This is perfect for events because so many women purchase a dress for a special occasion, pay way to much for it, and see it end up in the back of the closet for years.  We’ve all been there.

How will you know it will fit?  Customers post reviews of how the dresses fit and their own measurements along with a snapshot of themselves wearing the dress.  I am 5’1″ with an athletic build, so when I look at the pictures, I seek out the short girls to see their reviews.  RTR also sends a second size as a back-up for free.  The worse case scenario is that a few days before your event, the dress comes and it doesn’t fit.  No problem!  Send back the dress and have a different dress shipped overnight.  Don’t worry about spilling something on a designer dress for which you would not want to pay full price.  The dresses are insured.

Rent The Runway | TheLuxicon.coRentals are available for four or eight day windows.  I was able to rent this dress for a beach wedding in St. Lucia by using the eight day window.  It worked out perfectly.  I almost rented accessories (earrings and a purse) through RTR to match the dress, but I decided to go with some I already had.
If you happen to live in a city with a RTR store (New York, Las Vegas, Washington DC and Chicago), you can actually make an appointment and try on dresses for rent.

Rent The Runway |

Rent The Runway |

The applications for RTR are limitless! I asked my bridesmaids to choose their own dresses within a color pallet and one of my bridesmaids rented hers.  So smart!  I’m actually really happy that she did not get stuck owning a dress she may not have wanted to purchase.



  1. the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.


    1. the vocabulary of a styling, beauty, and fashion.


Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ

Last weekend we stayed at Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona.

Amara has by far one of the best pools I’ve ever seen.

Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |

Sedona is also home to some of the best sunsets on earth!Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |  Amara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ | TheLuxicon.coAmara Resort and Spa, Sedona, AZ |

Natural Beauty.

Sedona, AZ | Sedona, Az |

Breakfast Creekside at L’Auberge:

Sedona, Az |

Until next time Sedona, my love!

Sedona, Az |


Iris- You Rock!

I follow @irisvanherpen on Instagram to exercise the creative side of my brain.  Iris VanHerpen is a Dutch designer with a true gift for Haute Couture.

 Iris VanHerpen|
Photographer: Matthew Reeves, Style Zeitgeist Magazine
 Iris VanHerpen|
Photographer: @teampeterstigter (instagram)

 Iris VanHerpen|

Photographer: Morgan O’Donovan


The Art of Recycling and Restyling Your Closet

You don’t have to go full Marie Kondo on all of your beloved pieces when you feel you may have out ‘matured’ them; sometimes you can rescue pieces by recycling and restyling your closet.  I had a bad habit of wearing these jeans, that weren’t artfully distressed until well beyond their expiration.  I jut couldn’t part with them, so I took a look at current trends and worked them in.

Summer is in full swing and if you were born before the 90’s, you remember when summer styles looked much the same as they do now.

The art of recycling and restyling your closet. Pin now, read later.

 I often find myself wishing I kept something from the past because everything comes back around.  I’m better at weeding out the key pieces that come back around.

As a rule, I hang on to unique jewelry, especially if it has an interesting feature that I’m not sure I will find again. What can it hurt? Jewelry doesn’t take up much space!

The art of recycling and restyling your closet. Pin now, read later.

I picked this whimsical necklace up around 15 years ago. I don’t often find an occasion to wear it, but with the recent surge in “boho-chic,” I’ve pulled it out a few times!

Sometimes it’s just too hard to let go of a fab pair of jeans. We’ve all been there.

The art of recycling and restyling your closet. Pin now, read later.

My husband used to gripe at me for pulling out these jeans. That is, before I took scissors to them and turned them into the jean shorts everyone is wearing. I’m so happy every time I get to wear them now because, while I can’t keep them forever, I’ve extended the life of my favorite pair of pants for just a bit longer.

I frequently find myself listening to my husband and my best friend about my style.  Truthfully, I get attached to the pieces I love.  When I need to retire my favorite pieces, they always know because they see me objectively and they can, without emotional attachment, make a sound judgement based on the standards they know I uphold.  Another simple trick is to turn all of your hangers around backwards at the beginning of a season.  When you wear something, hang it back up the right way.  At the end of the season, you are left with a clear picture of the clothes you wore and the clothes you never touched.  It should be relatively easy to comb through your “never worn” pile and decide which pieces should stay.

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