No Halloween Costume. No Problem!

Special Halloween 3D make-up edition will get you all the votes in this year’s costume contest

Trade the cheaply made costume for on-point 2D and 3D make-up.

Halloween Make-up Ideas
No it’s not photoshop. This pixellated version of Mona Lisa will be a very recognizable costume.
Water color make-up for Halloween Inspo
Water color is one of my favorite mediums.  Gorgeous Halloween idea for the creative type.
Sketch-like makeup for Halloween
Sketch-like make-up brings a whole new meaning of contouring.
Sketch-like makeup for Halloween
Sketch make-up.
Masquarade mask make-up instead of mask.
Masquerade mask make-up. I’m definitely doing this for the next masquerade ball I attend. So much easter than holding a mask up while juggling a purse, hors d-oeuvres, and a glass of wine.
Halloween Make-up Inspo
I can see this also being done in color as an Andy Warhol painting for Halloween.
Galaxy make-up for Halloween
Galaxy make-up is a beautiful look inside.
Peeling the surface make-up for Halloween
Peeling away the surface.
3D Make-up for Halloween
It’s nice that you can see the gorgeous woman beneath the make-up.
Pop Art make-up for Halloween.
Pop Art make-up for Halloween.
Pop Art Make-up for Halloween
Perfect Pop Art make-up will turn you into a living comic book character.
Pop Art for Halloween
Another take on Pop Art. I love the “Pow!” onomatopoeia.

Most of these costumes can be carried out with little work beyond hair and make-up.  Skip spending a ton on buying and accessorizing the perfect look this year, by scheduling a make-up appointment and letting your make-up score you the contest win.

We have not decided on our costumes for this year, but because our Halloween falls upon the eve of our first wedding anniversary, expectations are high.  We usually aim for funny and ridiculous every year.  Follow me on Instagram (@the_Luxicon) for the big reveal.


Date Night Outfit Inspo

Wearing Benjamin Jay

Benjamin Jay Ombre Skirt

Mix up a flowy skirt (Benjamin Jay) with a more masculine button-up top for a flirty playful date night outfit.  Prada Sunglasses.

The Luxicon Styles Your Next Date Night
Tuck that oversized bib necklace inside your shirt for a flash of sparkle under the neckline.
The Luxicon Blog shows us how to roll sleeves the right way.
Be sure to cuff your sleeves nicely. You will look sleek and put together and your sleeves will be much more comfortable when they aren’t bulky and twisted.
The Luxicon Styles Your Next Date Night
Or let it shine… Stella and Dot Pegasus Necklace, Kendra Scott Onyx Danielle Earrings.
Anarchy Street Rings and Bangles
Anarchy Street Jewelry takes your feminine look from delicate to fierce with a few key pieces. Use offer code Kate_10 for 10% off your purchase.
Suede Prada Shoes in Ox Blood
Add a pop of color with this year’s Patone Color of the Year: Oxblood.  Shop the Prada Clutch with removable chain.
This Benjamin Jay skirt is also an awesome piece for Arizona. While we are currently being tortured with 106 degree highs, the rest of the country is welcoming Spring. Don't fall victim to being "seasonally confused." This hi-low skirt is made of light weight stretch material that breathes and can be dressed down with a t-shirt or tank top. The color is also welcoming of Fall even though I'm not bundled up.
This Benjamin Jay skirt is also an awesome piece for Arizona. While we are currently being tortured with 106 degree highs, the rest of the country is welcoming Fall. Don’t fall victim to being “Seasonally Confused.” This hi-low skirt is made of light weight stretch material that breathes and can be dressed down with a t-shirt or tank top. The color is also welcoming of Fall even though I’m not bundled up.  When the temp starts to dip, I’ll happily transition this skirt with black booties and a leather jacket.


Wearable Technology Trending

I usually devote Wednesdays to inspirational artists who drive me to be creative by creating wearable art.  Today, I’d like to celebrate some of my favorite wearable technology pieces.

About a year and a half ago, I read that Tory Burch was teaming up with FitBit to create a stylish version of the biometric tracker.

Tory Burch Fashionable FitBit.
This classy little gaget tracks your movements all day without dragging down your ensemble.  Photo credit: ITBusineesEdge

There are now several other fashionable fitness trackers to choose from.

Check out these beauties on Live Science.

Diane Von Furstenberg is know for her iconic wrap dress, but she doesn’t just do classy dresses, the once Princess has created a fashion forward set of Google specs.

Diane Von Furstenberg's Google Glass Eyewear
The Smart glasses I’d actually feel cool wearing.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Case Mates to release wearable tech bracelets and chargers.

Rebecca Minkoff's Couture Chargers and Tech Bracelets
The chain-link Bracelet alerts the wearer that they have received an important message or phone call, while the lightning Bracelet sincs and charges via bluetooth, for a less distracting way to charge you phone.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Google is also getting in on the glam way to get notifications!

Ringly is an 18K gold ring with a semi-precious stone that notifies the wearer of an important phone call or message. Though it’s a little big at this stage of the game, it is a little less conspicuous than checking your cell phone every five minutes.  Photo Credit: ITBusinessEdge

Intel releaces smart bracelets that you’ll want to wear with every outfit.  MICA- pronounced Meeka is short for “My Intelligence Communications Accessory.”  Mica will deliver social media messages and location related messages/ GPS in partnership with Yelp and Tom Tom.

For more specs related to MICA. Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Tague Heurer has announced the new smart watch partnered with Android.  This luxury beauty is certainly one to watch for.  For more information visit Wearable.

I can’t wait to see this product!  Photo Credit: Wearable

I used to dream about this stuff when I was a kid.  The future is upon us my friends!


Lipstick as Under Eye Concealer??

How to use lipstick to conceal those stubborn dark under eye circles.

I’ve come across this beauty trick on Pinterest and Youtube a lot lately, so it must work right?  Let’s find out.

I’ve struggled with dark under eye circles for most of my life and it’s hard to believe the solution was a tube of lipstick that I already owned.  The magic is within color science.  Blue and orangish-red are nearly opposite each other on the color wheel, so they cancel each other out when placed one on top of another.  Slip a layer of concealer over the red and light no longer reflects blue off your face and surprisingly, no red either.

Check out the video.


We’ll put this one down as a Pinterest success.

Let me know if you have make-up questions or troubles.  I love searching for new tips to share with you!


The Luxiconographer

Spotlight on Designer Qiu Hao

Qiu hao- avant garde designer

autumn winter collection 2011 ‘Serpens’

photographed by matthieu belin

Qiu Hao is a Chinese designer with a conceptual and avant garde approach to fashion design.  It’s very fun to lose yourself in the imagination of the following photos, however if you undress the imagination of the pieces, you’re left with very wearable ready-to-wear pieces.

Qiu Hao was named by Forbes, one of the top 25 most important people in the Chinese fashion industry in 2010 and nominated by WGSN for the “Breakthrough Designer Award” in 2011.  —

Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
There is a mystique about these photos that is almost dream-like. Photo credit: Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
There is a clear reference to the serpent in drape of the dress. Moreover, the disguising features on the hands and face dehumanizes the model.  Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
Fabric manipulation to create billowy coils shows reverence to the snake. The exaggeration of size render an illusion of fantasy. Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin


Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
Qiu Hao plays with posture and silhouettes to create a new creature and you almost miss the obvious person who is wearing the clothes. Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin


Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
This cocoon-like jacket drapes in layers over the model’s front, while the shadows inside give the appearance that she is one with the jacket and emerging from it.  Highlights on the model’s face as well as lightening of her eyebrows give her an enchanting stare.  Photo credit- Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
Posture combined with the drape of the skirt reminds me of a snake rising up from a resting state. Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
This is one of my favorite shots of all time. The structure of the jacket and the stance of the model gives a sculptural non-human appearance. Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
The choice to blur the face is an interesting one. This is the same jacket that appears so strongly as a cocoon when hooded. The blurred face brings forth an eeriness, that is similar to the feeling evoked from the other photo.  I also enjoy that the drape follows the line of shadow down the model’s leg; it seems to almost disappear the way a serpent does. Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin.
Qiu Hao 'Serpens' collection featured on The Luxicon Blog
Slithering away…       Photo Credit- Matthieu Belin.  

Qiu Hao will certainly be a designer to watch for.  With only a few collections to his name, he’s just getting started.

Hope you have enjoyed this break from reality on your hump day.


Sunsets of Kauai

More love from the island of kauai…

The sunsets of kauai were stunning and most definitely DESERVING of their own blog post.

Kauai Sunsets featured on the Luxicon Blog
The very first night at the resort, we found a quiet cove where we could sit and watch the sunset while crabs jumped from rock to rock.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
After the first night, we came prepared with wine in hand for what turned out to be a spectacular show.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
Wine was such a great idea that we decided to stay in the room and have wine, cheese and champagne. Not too shabby for a chill night on our honeymoon.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
The view by the time the cheese was gone.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
This one turned out to be one of the more colorful. During our entire trip, there was a hurricane threatening to hit the island, which resulted in magnificent sunsets.
Kauai Sunsets Featured on The Luxicon Blog
Storm brewing…
Kauai Sunsets Featured on The Luxicon Blog
The Honeymoon Suite was so amazing that we had to take full advantage of the sunset views.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
Oh to be that one lonely boat on the water…
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
Clouds appeared to be painted into the skyline.
Kauai Sunsets featured on The Luxicon Blog
We watched from our favorite tree on the resort.
Kauai Sunsets Featured on The Luxicon Blog
Which of course, the only logical conclusion is that one must climb the tree to watch the sunset.
Kauai Sunsets Featured on The Luxicon Blog
So many beautiful colors that change right before your eyes.

Never become so busy that you forget to stop and appreciate the beauty the world has to offer every day.


What’s the Secret to Growing Long Lashes?

I’m frequently asked if my lashes are real.  I did grow long lashes myself… with a little help.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
They aren’t perfect like falsies, but they sure are less work.

I’ve never had false lashes applied, but my friends have.  They tell me they can cost upwards of $200 per application and they last about 3 weeks if you don’t wear mascara or scrub them clean.  Where’s the fun in that?  And ouch, that’s a lot of money to spend on lashes for 3 weeks.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
These lovlies are mine to keep forever, no matter what I do to them.

What’s the Secret to Growing Long Lashes?

I received Latisse a few years ago as a birthday present and I absolutely fell in love with the results.  It costs about $150 on a 6 month supply.  I purchase it from the Med Spa inside the hospital where I work.  It’s fairly easy to get a hold of through medical spas and you no longer need a prescription.

I’m often asked how long it took to get results.  I noticed a difference after about 6 weeks.  My friends noticed a difference after 2 months.  I will say that after 4 months or so, they were pretty long, but also uneven in length.  I stuck it out and by 6 months of daily use, I had a full set of long beautiful lashes.

I hear from my friends who also use it, that they decreased the use to every other day after they grew in long.  I stick to a daily regimen because I know it works well and I also looked up how long it takes for lashes to return to normal length if use is completely discontinued.  The anecdotal reports on the internet were that it takes about 3 months after discontinuing for lashes to return to normal.  I extrapolated this information; if I lowered my dosage, perhaps I wouldn’t notice the change in results for another 3 months.

What do you need to know about using Latisse?

If you have any eye problems, especially if your eyes require special attention or medications (particularly pressure regulating drops), you should check with your physician before trying it.

It is not approved for use during pregnancy.

Latisse can cause increased brown pigmentation to the iris, which is likely permanent.  Latisse can also cause hyper-pigmentation of the eyelid where applied and this may not be permanent.  I did experience this, but I can assure you that a little eye shadow swiped over, completely hides it.

Latisse should not be used on the lower lashes.

Gorgeous real lashes that look like falsies on
I’ve been collecting make-up tricks for lashes for years.

Mascara Tips for Beautiful Lashes:

Lashes can be tricky to work with.

My lashes are not curled in the photos I took today.  That’s another blessing compliments to Latisse. I no longer need to.  Before Latisse, I was constantly trying to find the best way to curl them.

I tried heating the curler with my hair dryer as instructed by a friend, this made my lashes bend sharply, dried them out and also burned my eyelid once.  Don’t try that one! 😉

I think the last tip I was given from my friend, Valeria, might just be the jack pot.

Before you use your lash curler, put a small amount of vaseline on the curler.  This helps the lashes to curl nicely and the added gloss to the lashes makes mascara go on smoothly.  While I did not curl them today, I did apply a tiny amount of vaseline to them before putting on mascara.

Grow long lashes that look like falsies. Pin now, read later.
Added drama.

 For full lashes, apply a few coats of mascara.  Don’t let your lashes dry completely between coats.  I go from one eye to the other, while they are still tacky to keep them from clumping.

A few clumps?  No problem!  Keep that mascara wand that comes in your brush set.  Use it dry to remove a clump and separate clumpy lashes.  Remember to keep it clean though; I clean all of my brushes at least once a week.

My two favorite mascaras are They’re Real! $24 and Covergirl Lash Blast $8.99.  I have used several designer mascaras and these two are still my go to’s.  I still like those two the best.

Good luck.

As always, if you have any questions, ask away!


The Luxicon

United Nude Shoes

Shoes Inspired by architecture

United Nude uses 3D printing and creative design to reinvent shoes.  Styles range from ready to wear to avant garde.

Step Mobius Chelsea United Nude |
This ready to wear wedge bootie is easy to incorporate into daily style and adds an element of surprise. Step Mobius Chelsea $350 Photo Credit:
spring-eros United Nude |
Funky bootie will elevate a basic outfit. Wear it with basic black skinny pants and a solid top for a fun kick or if your daring, throw in pop of print. Spring Eros $249 Photo Credit:
United Nude Nova Shoe |
The United Nude Nova Shoe $2000, limited addition, avant garde . Not for the faint at heart! I actually own a shoe from United Nude that has a similar silhouette and I can honestly say that they are no more difficult to walk in than any other heel. Photo Credit:
lula-united nude |
This fun take on a bootie strongly represents the architectural inspiration. Lula $699 Photo Credit:
Lo Res Lo United Nude |
Lo Res Lo flat in gold chrome is one of my favorites. Offered in multiple colors, there is surely one for you. Who says flats have to be basic?! Lo Res Lo flat $300 Photo Credit:
Iris Van Herpen United Nude Crystallization |
Iris Van Herpen for United Nude created this “Crystallization” bootie. We love Iris at the Luxicon. Sleek symmetric lines bring excitement to any look. Available in multiple colors. Crystallization $995 Photo Credit:
Iris Van Herpen United Nude Biopiracy Bootie |
The ultimate futuristic avant garde beauty of a bootie. Be bold and feel fierce when you step out in the Biopiracy Bootie $995. Photo Credit:

I think every woman can relate to the feeling you get when you put on a great pair of shoes.  Shoes can make you feel like you are ready to take on the world.  They can inspire an entire outfit.  Have fun with your shoes.  I love United Nude because for their variety of price point as well as styles.  Even if I wouldn’t buy or wear a certain style, I very much applaud the creative genius behind them.

Cheers to your next great shoe experience!


Chicago Architecture Tour

If you get the chance to visit Chicago, I recommend taking a sunset architecture tour by boat.  Since my husband is from Chicago, we’ve been many times and always wanted to do the boat tour.  We finally made it and it was sensational!

The tour begins right by Trump Tower.  If you go early, you can hang by the dock and watch the water taxis pass.

Chicago Water Taxi |
Chicago water taxi.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
And we’re off!
Trump Tower |
Trump Tower
Chicago Architecture Tour |
333 West Wacker Drive. This Building’s postmodern facade was designed to mimic the the river which shines green from algae.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Merchandise Mart. Art Deco Building which began as a wholesale warehouse and is currently a designer showcase venue.
Architecture Tour |
Aqua Tower’s balconies were designed to look like water dripping down the sides of the building. This is also where we stayed this last trip and it was a glorious hotel. The interior is just as interesting as the exterior. Photo Credit: Chicago Architecture Foundation.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Lake Point Tower stands furthest West of all buildings. It is a residential building designed to give all units an unobstructed 180 degree view.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Port that allows boats in and out of the lake at scheduled times and is otherwise used for larger boats to turn around.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
300 S Wacker building facade was redone to include giant mural of a map of the Chicago River. That bright spot in the middle represents a pin in the location of the building.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Spectacular views of the sunset.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Back at Trump to finish off the tour.
Chicago Architecture Tour |
Sunset boat rides couldn’t possibly be more romantic. Thanks for planning this wonderful excursion my love!

I hope you get the chance to experience this tour first hand!


Contouring Tutorial


Today we tackle contouring!

Contouring Guide Before Photo |
Contouring Guide | After Photo |

I use this picture as a general guide for contouring.  Follow along as I show you how I add shadow and highlighter to give my face dimension.

Contouring Guide | Tutorial on
Contouring Guide I found on Pinterest.

As promised, use this contouring guide by face shape to perfect your look.

Make-up is hard, so if you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Just for fun, check out this Amy Schumer video poking fun at the social expectations placed on women.