Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks. Only a Few Days Left

It’s been a while since my last pregnancy update.  Earlier this week, I turned 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe how quickly the third trimester got away from me.  Between baby showers, putting the finishing touches on our new home, twice weekly doctor’s visits, decorating the nursery, getting our lives ready for Baby Boy, working and blogging, I feel like I just revealed the pregnancy yesterday.

Pregnancy Update:

38 week pregnancy update!
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How far along are you?

I’m 38 weeks and 4 days.

How big is peanut? 

He’s a the size of a watermelon and it sure does feel like I’m carrying a watermelon.  If a watermelon could kick my ribs and punch the nerves in my pelvis.

Total weight gain/loss? 

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First Trimester Maternity Fashion: What to Buy, What Not to Buy

First trimester maternity shopping is a mixed bag.  First time mamas walk around the house pushing out their bellies and longing for an adorable bump.  The second time around, you spend the entire first trimester sucking in your gut, telling yourself you can still get into your skinny jeans.

It’s difficult for first-time mommies to decide what to buy.  Prepared or not, as soon as that little stick turns pink, the body starts going through major changes.  One day you can hide it and the next, you’re belly is so bloated, literally nothing in the closet fits.  Beyond the bump, there’s the boobs.  Suddenly none of your bras fit and how the heck are you supposed to know what size they’re going to stay?  New clothes and new bras… this could be a disaster for the preggo’s wallet.

Relax… All you need in the first trimester is a few staples that will grow with the pregnancy.  You’ll be more comfy and you can rest easy knowing you didn’t waste money on non-essentials.  Your body deserves comfort, but it’s better to wait for most items.  Your bump won’t be big enough for big maternity dresses for a while and you need to see how your body is going to grow.

I thought I would be one of those moms who only gains 25 lbs and is all belly.  That’s sort of true; I’m all belly, but I retained a ton of fluid.  A couple of my first trimester maternity fashion finds did not last me through the third trimester.  I’m here to make sure your first trimester maternity shopping spree is successfully carries you through the end.

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First trimester maternity fashion guide. Pin now, shop later.
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First Trimester Maternity Staples:

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Eyeshadow for Beginners: + Tips To Modify Based on Eye Shape

Eyeshadow for beginners is a step by step tutorial for applying eyeshadow for the beginner beauty enthusiast who feels just plain lost when someone says, “cut crease” like it’s a skill we all have.

It’s just eyeshadow basics without all the jargon and unattainable perfection.

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Eyeshadow for beginners. Pin now, practice later.
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Eyeshadow for Beginners Tutorial:

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Blowout Spray Giveaway! Previously Featured on The Luxicon

Blowout spray is one of my favorite recent finds.  Seriously, how did I survive without this?  You don’t want to miss out on this giveaway!

Free Blowout Spray!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, then you have seen the Caviar Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist literally work miracles on my hair.  Not just mine either, my husband loves this stuff too.

Giveaway: Blowout Spray! Pin it and don't forget to enter!
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Formal Maternity Dress for Maternity Shoot or Shower

Shopping for a formal maternity dress was the last thing I wanted to do as my body approached new never-before-seen limits.  When I was eight months pregnant, my MIL hosted an evening garden party/baby shower, eeek let the panic begin, how would I find and fit into a formal maternity dress without spending a fortune on tailoring.   I’m a fashion blogger, so I needed to make sure this dress was OP.  Wait.  “Eight months pregnant”, “on point”, “formal” and “maternity dress” do not go together in the same statement?  I wasn’t sure how to accept the challenge that, admittedly, I’d created in my own head.  I wasn’t even sure I could stay awake for an evening party, let alone “impress.”  Most of the time I felt tired, sweaty and like I could pee myself at the drop of a sneeze; not exactly the perfect combo for entertaining and modeling a formal maternity dress.

There comes a point in every pregnancy when you just can’t hang.  Swollen legs make even maternity pants too tight and a growing waistline combined with fluctuating bust size make it impossible to plan ahead.  I had a few options.

How to Shop for a Formal Maternity Dress:

  1.  Do a massive maternity haul from ASOS and keep whatever works best.  See what I bought below.
  2.  Use Rent the Runway and potentially find a formal-enough non-maternity dress that doesn’t read Shamu.
  3.  Give in to “maternity” style and wear something skin-tight and ruched to the max or a moomoo so loose it resembles an actual tent.

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Nighttime Skincare Routine: What you Actually Need to Know

Your nighttime skincare routine may seem a bit overwhelming at first, or more than a little annoying if you’ve been at it a while, but it doesn’t have to be. You know what I mean, you look at your products and just think, “I can’t.” and then deep-seated regret sets in when you awaken to  eye lashes clumped together like a venus fly trap.  

Why is it so blasted hard to commit to a regimen?

I absolutely loathe standing over the sink to wash my face.  I always imagine washing my face like Rebecca Gayheart in those iconic 90’s Noxzema commercials, but it more closely resembles when I was a kid and my sister would unkink the hose right before I took a drink.  Seriously, water everywhere.  It may be because I’m short and no matter how hunched over I am, water runs down my elbows toward me, but it could just be that I’m a hot mess.  I refuse to get a step stool for my bathroom (they go in the kitchen, laundry room, master closet and the garage).  Needless to say, I didn’t last long-standing at the sink.

I tried applying face wash to my dry face and using a hot towel to rinse it off.  This option was definitely a good one.  I love the way the hot wet towel opens up my pores and it only takes a few rinses of the towel before my face feels squeaky clean, without drenching my pj’s.  Still, it’s a lot of effort on those days when I just can’t.

I tried washing with makeup removing towelettes, but they leave a bit of a residue.  I’ve read that they aren’t the most hygienic way to wash before bed and that may be why I seem to get more breakouts with these.  Not exactly the results I was looking for.

Thus began my search for the perfect routine.

What makes for a nighttime skincare routine you can stick to?

  • Doesn’t break the bank for you.
  • So refreshing that you actually want to stay consistent.
  • Yields results.  What better incentive could you have?
  • Convenience.
  • Fun. (ok that one might be reaching).

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Hair Styles for Dirty Hair: For When You Just Can’t

Sometimes you just can’t wash your hair, so it’s important to have a few hair styles for dirty hair days in your repertoire.  Whether you just need to have a few styles that are good effortless go-to’s or you’re trying to avoid wearing post workout sweaty hair all day, these styles will save you time and energy.

Hair Styles For Dirty Hair

Faux Under Cut

This one is great for when you want to look like a little extra.

Hair Styles for Dirty Hair Days

With a sleek braid on one side, and curls on the other, you can totally hide the side of your hair that lacks volume.  It’s a good idea to part your hair on the opposite side than what you’re used to, that way your hair has a bit of lift.  For the side you leave down and curled, dry shampoo is life.  This dry shampoo is my favorite because it doesn’t leave any white residue behind in your hair.  But no matter what dry shampoo you love, you should make sure you’re getting the most out of your product by following these steps.  Let’s take a look at this hairstyle done in a few different looks.

Hair Styles for Dirty Hair Days

The photo above is a style done two days post washing.  The curls are soft and fluffy because there isn’t much product buildup yet.  See below for the same style done even further after a wash. Continue Reading

Maternity Hacks for Pants that Actually Work

There are a lot of maternity hacks on Pinterest, but before we get into this, I would like to point out that there is more pressure now than ever to have a stylish pregnancy.  More expensive maternity boutiques, more gorgeous Insta-Moms and let’s face it, pregnancy is not glamorous.  At 6 weeks pregnant and I barely even aware of it, I had a hard time buttoning my pants.  This was quite a blow to my ego.

Aren’t you supposed to show later when you’re in shape and have never been pregnant?

I would think as I stretched my way into jeans sausage casings.  I really do stretch while I put pants on and my husband finds it hilarious.

I can’t help you with the fluid retention and constipation you will surely encounter during pregnancy.  I did say it wouldn’t be glamorous.  I can, however, help you get into your jeans.

Maternity Hacks For Pants:

Getting a pair of maternity pants was one of the best pieces of advice I took early in my pregnancy (I’ll be sharing all the gems in one post coming soon).  Why invest early?  It’s just more comfortable.  I read that you can use a rubber band or hair tie to keep your pants fastened with a little extra give.  You can definitely do this, but it’s not all that comfy.  There are loads of under belly maternity pants, pants that fasten or have elastic below the belly button to allow your belly to grow, as opposed to traditional maternity pants that you can pull up to your bra.  Odds are, you’ll need a good pair of jeans anyway and the under belly jeans will get you through most of your pregnancy.  I’m eight months currently, and I’m just now finding those the under belly pants to be a bit snug.

Wish I would have known this sooner!
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I’m eight months and I’m so close to eviction day that I do not want to buy more clothes.  Thankfully, it’s an easy fix.  With the Fertile Mind – Belly Belt Combo, The Ultimate Maternity Wear Solution set, I’m able to make my sausage casings feel like actual pants. Continue Reading

Giveway: Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

This stuff melts makeup so easily, it may as well be made of unicorn tears.
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Removes makeup, including stubborn waterproof makeup the way you wish water would.  See the full review here.  I’m freaking out about this product and that means, I have to share it!  I’m giving it away!

Enter Giveaway Here:

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Hairstyle for When Your Hair Is Greasy: Faux Undercut

We have all looked in the mirror at a fresh-out-of-bed hairstyle and thought, “OMG, I look like a wombat and I don’t have time to wash my hair!”  Ok, maybe I’m the only one dramatic enough to compare myself to a marsupial, but still greasy hair is a tough coif to tame.  Luckily, there are a few quick and easy hairstyles that you can add to your personal repertoire to save your morning.

The faux undercut is one of my favorite hairstyles for when my hair is on its last leg.  It’s cool, fresh and people won’t even know that you neglected to wash your hair.

Faux Undercut Hairstyle: Perfect for Dirty Hair Days
Final Look

See How Easy it is to do this Hairstyle:

I have rocked this look so many times.  When my hair is fresh and clean, I brush through the curls and it makes pretty waves.  If my hair is dirty, I wear it exactly the same as in the video.  The one constant is always the feedback; people love it and think it looks like I had it done professionally.  You can see from the video that the look is far from perfect, it’s just not what people are used to, so they over look the dirty hair.

If your hair is beyond the point of wearing it down, even on the one side, and yes, I’ve been there too, you may want to try the Faux Hawk, which is even easier than this look.

So easy!
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Products I Use for this Look:

Davines This is A Strong Moulding Clay, 2.75 oz.  The actual product used in the video.  This moulding clay is going to add definition and keep hair from looking frizzy.  It will also add to the grease already in your hair, so use it sparingly.  I use it mainly because I have frizzy ends.

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray– I love this stuff for second to last day or last day before a wash.  Spray on your roots and dry with a hair dryer, or use it just after a wash for the perfect blow out.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist–  Use after a wash for the perfect blowout and days of easier styling to follow.  After the perfect blowout?  Watch the tutorial I did on achieving a salon blow out at home.

Amika Bombshell Blowout–  A slightly cheaper alternative to the Alterna Caviar blowout spray.  I’ve had excellent results with this product as well as the Alterna blowout spray.  Be sure to use products that add moisture back to your hair if you’re in the habit of using blowout sprays on the regular; they can dry your hair out with long-term use.

Osis Dust It– This stuff will lift the toughest of roots.  I love to use it on the last day before a wash because I get the full root lift, but I don’t wake up so hot the day after I use it, so I have to wash it.  I did a whole post on it because I love this product so much.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam–  This is the ONLY dry shampoo that does not leave white spots in my hair.  I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos and this one takes the cake.  It’s a foam, so use it sparingly and dry it out with a hair dryer for the best results.

Oribe Hairspray–  I’m not a hairspray girl, I miss being able to run my hands through my hair.  That said, I only use light weight hairspray and this one is my favorite.  It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave my hair too weighed down or sticky.

Shop the Products:

I know I said in the video that I’m doing a giveaway. Total pregnancy brain moment. Giveaways start on the first Monday of the month (so next Monday), but *spoiler alert* this is what I’m giving away.