No Halloween Costume. No Problem!

Special Halloween 3D make-up edition will get you all the votes in this year’s costume contest

Trade the cheaply made costume for on-point 2D and 3D make-up.

Halloween Make-up Ideas
No it’s not photoshop. This pixellated version of Mona Lisa will be a very recognizable costume.
Water color make-up for Halloween Inspo
Water color is one of my favorite mediums.  Gorgeous Halloween idea for the creative type.
Sketch-like makeup for Halloween
Sketch-like make-up brings a whole new meaning of contouring.
Sketch-like makeup for Halloween
Sketch make-up.
Masquarade mask make-up instead of mask.
Masquerade mask make-up. I’m definitely doing this for the next masquerade ball I attend. So much easter than holding a mask up while juggling a purse, hors d-oeuvres, and a glass of wine.
Halloween Make-up Inspo
I can see this also being done in color as an Andy Warhol painting for Halloween.
Galaxy make-up for Halloween
Galaxy make-up is a beautiful look inside.
Peeling the surface make-up for Halloween
Peeling away the surface.
3D Make-up for Halloween
It’s nice that you can see the gorgeous woman beneath the make-up.
Pop Art make-up for Halloween.
Pop Art make-up for Halloween.
Pop Art Make-up for Halloween
Perfect Pop Art make-up will turn you into a living comic book character.
Pop Art for Halloween
Another take on Pop Art. I love the “Pow!” onomatopoeia.

Most of these costumes can be carried out with little work beyond hair and make-up.  Skip spending a ton on buying and accessorizing the perfect look this year, by scheduling a make-up appointment and letting your make-up score you the contest win.

We have not decided on our costumes for this year, but because our Halloween falls upon the eve of our first wedding anniversary, expectations are high.  We usually aim for funny and ridiculous every year.  Follow me on Instagram (@the_Luxicon) for the big reveal.


Kate Thakkar

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Indeed pretty awesome. But I bet the not-so-awesome part is getting all that makeup off at the end of the day, haha!


Haha yes, true! Sounds like a job for my clarisonic!

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