Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Get Mom What She Really Wants

Fresh out of Mother’s Day gift ideas?  Careful, Mother’s Day is around the corner, but you have just enough time to order gifts online.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas.  Get Mom what she really wants this year!
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Traditional Mom

Traditional Mom’s may enjoy flowers. I’ve Flora2000 has exceptional arrangements.

No Fuss Mum

What to do about the Mom who doesn’t want anything? This is a difficult topic that I can relate to all too well. I’m not big on celebrating myself or calling attention to myself in general. I’m also becoming less and less sentimental as I get older. It brings me more joy to have a clean home than to look at clutter all day. That’s not to say that I’m not going to keep my kid’s projects over the years and celebrate them, I’m just not into it for myself. So what do you do?

  • Plane tickets. If you live in the same town, it can be a promise of a weekend trip together, plane tickets on you, or if you live far, it can be an understanding that you’ll pick up the tab for the next visit.
  • Choose a gift that gives back. PUNJAMMIES® loungewear is made by women in India who are at the highest risk of or survivors of human trafficking. Every purchase of PUNJAMMIES® invests in job-creation programs and skills-training to allow women who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children. Good HYouMan is a brand that partners with humans like you and me for designs and gives a portion of the proceeds to the cause of their choice.

Shop Good HYouMan:


The Nester:

Ever notice that some women are way more into decorating and redecorating than others? The photos in my frames are generally 8 to 10 years old, but lately, I’ve had the bug. I don’t know if it’s just the baby on the way or selling the house, but I have become one of those women who can get lost in the Target home section, a club I’m happy to join. I’ve been paying attention to things like candles for the house, fresh flowers and the little touches that make our home feel like its ours. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hobby Mommy:

Mom’s have to have hobbies. When the kids are younger, it keeps them sane and when the kids are grown, it forms their identity beyond “mom.” Support Mom’s hobbies, she supported yours! If she’s really into places that have ongoing membership fees, inquire about getting a gift card for her to use toward credits.

Maître D’ Mom

Whether mom just takes pride in her kitchen, as she should, and enjoys a whimsical kitchen or mom is serious about her culinary cucina, kitchen gifts will show her you care. Don’t forget about food subscription services. Blue Apron was great for us, but the prep time was a bit much and the meals weren’t as healthy as I would have liked. Blue Apron is for the mom who has time to cook. Hello Fresh is our current go to for dinners. The meals are tasty, healthy and the prep time is minimal. For lunches, I enjoy Daily Harvest smoothies and soups. Gift cards to subscription services are great for the mom who could use a little help simplifying meal planning and enjoys cooking new meals.


Mom’s can always use some down time. We are responsible for far too many things and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to allow her to pamper herself. These are my best picks from spa goddess to back yard lounge queen.

Charmed Mamma:

Shopping for jewelry for your Mother or your spouse is not easy.  Women are usually particular, so if it’s going to be a bigger purchase, make sure to get her input or gather the proper intel from friends and family.  You want her to covet the special gifts you give.  If you’re looking to give her an everyday kind of special piece to remind her how much you love her, I enjoy the less literal pieces to heart-shaped “obvious” pieces.  Take this Beth Macri hidden message necklace for instance.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

You could add the children’s names, write “Nana” or whatever grandmother-like term is used in your family.  Be creative and make it something meaningful to her.

I am also slightly obsessed with Lotus jewelry because of the meaning behind it.  The Lotus Blossom blooms in murky water and signifies that no matter what circumstances surround you, you can always choose to live beautifully and make the right choices.  Isn’t that what mom always taught you and what the light in your life reminds you of daily.  What a perfect gift for your special Lotus Blossom.  I typically choose the less obvious lotus petals because I want the piece to hold meaning to me alone.  There are more and more pieces like this on the market.

Shop my Mothers Day Jewelry Picks:

What are you getting your Mamma this year?


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Great list! I love how you broke everything out–it even helps for combo moms 😊


Thank you! I put a lot of thought into this gift guide!


Great ideas! I’m always at a loss for what to get!


Thanks Mary! I always try to stay on top of gift ideas before holidays.

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