Modest Swimwear: When You Don’t Want to Bare All

Post Spring Break years, curating modest swimwear becomes a higher priority.  Making a change toward modest doesn’t mean throwing in the beach towel and giving up.  There are loads of figure flattering, fashionable swimsuits that are family appropriate or maybe, outside of family time, you just want to choose what assets to highlight instead of flaunting them all at the same time.

Great news for all you modest mommas out there, current swimwear trends  are showcasing suits that don’t show all your goodies at once.

Tips for Shopping Modest Swimwear:

  • Take a breath. Being poolside is fun, so remember that.
  • Nobody is keeping score at the pool, and if they are, shame on them, so don’t worry about what others will think. If you saw yourself at the pool, you wouldn’t criticize yourself the way you do in those three-way mirrors.
  • Don’t look at your backside in three-way mirrors. You’re never in a swimsuit in terrible dressing room lighting. It’s not worth the mental anguish.
  • Try bending over, if you’re going to be chasing kiddos around, you want to make sure your top stays secure and you’re not constantly tugging at your bottoms.
  • Raise your arms all the way over your head. This one is especially important for strapless suits. Sometimes strapless tops don’t raise with your arms if you know what I mean.
  • If you’re worried about comfort, try sitting down in your suit and see if you like the way it feels and looks. I do this in pants almost every time. It’s also a good idea for work dresses to make sure they don’t slide up too short while you’re seated.
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Shop Modest Swimwear:

Rashguard suits are also a big trend now and my fair skin has thanked me over and over for getting one last year.  Check out my Rashguard Swimsuit Guide for my top picks.

What’s your biggest swimwear concern? Comment below.

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