May 2017 Giveaway: tarte Brazilliance™ PLUS+ Self-Tanner + Mitt

May 2017 Giveaway

May 2017 Giveaway!
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tarte Brazilliance™ PLUS+ Self-Tanner + Mitt.  This stuff is liquid gold, quite literally.  I have tried a wide variety of products.  Before going with my usual this Spring, I did some homework and found that the internet is no longer raving about the products I used to use.  Everyone is talking about Tart Brazilliance.  I gave it a try and I must say that it does work pretty close to how they say it does.

Here’s what Sephora says it does:

What it is formulated to do:
Fake a just-back-from-vacation bronze with this updated, skin-loving version of tarte’s best-selling Brazilliance™ self-tanner. Infused with a powerful boost of natural exfoliators and moisturizers, it will give you a natural-looking, deep-toned tan in as little as four hours plus skin that feels sexy, smooth, and hydrated. The tinted bronze gel and new custom application mitt guarantee an even, streak-free tan, and the proprietary PUREshield™ scent-control technology ensures you’ll only see—not smell—your new glow. A skinvigorating™ new blend of squalane, aloe, and citric acid to help condition and promote surface exfoliation, prepping skin for each application so your lasting sunless tan fades gradually, evenly, naturally, and flawlessly over time.

What I say:

  • The tan shows up bolder (you will notice some color immediately) after about 4 hours; spot on.
  • My skin is definitely not nearly as dry as it is after all the other products I’ve tried.  Bonus!
  • It’s not scent free.  It still smells like self tanner, but on a much lower end of the spectrum.  I’ll definitely take this scent over others.
  • Application is easy and it is streak free.  I haven’t had any problems with splotchiness, like with other products.  Now, if they would just invent a product to help you get your back, it would be perfect!

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Ive never heard of this brand. Im always looking for a good tanner!


I absolutely love tarte products! I don’t usually get into self tanner, but I honestly might this season! I’ve had my eye on this stuff! Good to know the scent isn’t totally terrible!


I read a ton of reviews and a lot of people said there was no scent. Maybe it’s because I’m preggers, but I pick up on a slight tanner scent. You can still enter to win it for free. 😉

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