Maternity Hacks for Pants that Actually Work

There are a lot of maternity hacks on Pinterest, but before we get into this, I would like to point out that there is more pressure now than ever to have a stylish pregnancy.  More expensive maternity boutiques, more gorgeous Insta-Moms and let’s face it, pregnancy is not glamorous.  At 6 weeks pregnant and I barely even aware of it, I had a hard time buttoning my pants.  This was quite a blow to my ego.

Aren’t you supposed to show later when you’re in shape and have never been pregnant?

I would think as I stretched my way into jeans sausage casings.  I really do stretch while I put pants on and my husband finds it hilarious.

I can’t help you with the fluid retention and constipation you will surely encounter during pregnancy.  I did say it wouldn’t be glamorous.  I can, however, help you get into your jeans.

Maternity Hacks For Pants:

Getting a pair of maternity pants was one of the best pieces of advice I took early in my pregnancy (I’ll be sharing all the gems in one post coming soon).  Why invest early?  It’s just more comfortable.  I read that you can use a rubber band or hair tie to keep your pants fastened with a little extra give.  You can definitely do this, but it’s not all that comfy.  There are loads of under belly maternity pants, pants that fasten or have elastic below the belly button to allow your belly to grow, as opposed to traditional maternity pants that you can pull up to your bra.  Odds are, you’ll need a good pair of jeans anyway and the under belly jeans will get you through most of your pregnancy.  I’m eight months currently, and I’m just now finding those the under belly pants to be a bit snug.

Wish I would have known this sooner!
Pin me please!

I’m eight months and I’m so close to eviction day that I do not want to buy more clothes.  Thankfully, it’s an easy fix.  With the Fertile Mind – Belly Belt Combo, The Ultimate Maternity Wear Solution set, I’m able to make my sausage casings feel like actual pants.

Maternity hacks for pants that actually work
photo sourced from Pinterest. To shop the product, click here.

With multiple buttons and sizes available, these babies will grow your pants with your growing body.

This next part will save you from an embarrassing moment.  I will probably never forget when I sneezed and peed my pants while shopping.  Preggos have enough unavoidable moments like this, so listen up.

If you’re able to get your zipper up while using a button extender, it won’t likely stay up.  You don’t want to accidentally drop trou in public.  Make sure you use a key ring or small hair tie to keep your zipper up.  It’s quick and easy and you most likely already have one of those two items on hand, see how it works here.

The pieces shown behind the button extenders above that look like loin cloths are to fasten over the button extender and fit between your belly and pants.

Maternity hacks for pants that actually work.

Your skin will thank you for not exposing it to a scratchy unzipped zipper.  So far, most of my pants are small enough that I haven’t tried to stuff all that fabric down the front of my pants.  I use my undies as a barrier, but no, I do not walk around with my panties hanging out.  I use a Bellyband to cover the front of my pants.  It looks like I have a tank top on under my shirt and no one would ever know my pants are unzipped.

Maternity Hacks in Action:

Can you even tell my waist has outgrown these maternity pants?  I look like I actually have style instead of like I’m trying to make maternity wear fit my style.

Stylish Maternity Outfit

These maternity pants still fit fairly well at eight months, but I need the belt extender to be more comfortable when I sit down.

Shop the Look:

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