Magnifeko Straightening Brush: Bedhead to Beauty in Record Time

Magnifeko straightening brush has seriously cut down my styling time in the AM and I need all the help I can get on my early days.  This girl is not a morning person.

Magnifeko Straightening Brush

Unlike hair irons that are harsh and damaging to your hairs, this straightener brush has an anti-hair breakage design, while it easily detangles knotted hair, reducing pain and repairing the quality of the hair! The temperature of the straightener is adjustable up to 450°F, and even when used in the higher temperature, this amazing device will not do any harm to your sensitive hair!

Magnifeko Straightening Brush, $49

See it in Action

Magnifeko Straightening Brush
Messy Before

At, $49 on Amazon, Magnifeko Straightening Brush is worth the extra time in the morning.

Magnifeko Straightening Brush
After Pic

What are your best time saving hair styles?


Kate Thakkar

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