Lipstick as Under Eye Concealer??

How to use lipstick to conceal those stubborn dark under eye circles.

I’ve come across this beauty trick on Pinterest and Youtube a lot lately, so it must work right?  Let’s find out.

I’ve struggled with dark under eye circles for most of my life and it’s hard to believe the solution was a tube of lipstick that I already owned.  The magic is within color science.  Blue and orangish-red are nearly opposite each other on the color wheel, so they cancel each other out when placed one on top of another.  Slip a layer of concealer over the red and light no longer reflects blue off your face and surprisingly, no red either.

Check out the video.


We’ll put this one down as a Pinterest success.

Let me know if you have make-up questions or troubles.  I love searching for new tips to share with you!


The Luxiconographer

Kate Thakkar

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this is amazing, going to try for sure! would the lipstick in my latest post work? 🙂 x

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