Guide to Finding Large Bust Swimsuits and How to Minimize Bust Appearance

Large bust swimsuits are hard to come by.  Everything seems to draw more attention, lack support or push up and pad them way too much.  While it’s probably true that there are more options for smaller chested women, there are plenty of options for women with larger busts.

Wouldn’t shopping be so much more enjoyable if everything you tried looked amazing on you?

Tips for Shopping Bust Minimizing Swimsuits:

  • Avoid details that add volume like flounces and ruffles.  I thought the flounce would kind of hide them because it’s a layer of fabric that drapes over, usually, a bandeau top.  I was wrong.  The added volume makes my chest look much bigger.
  • Solid colors on top will draw attention away.  To downplay the bust, use design features and patterns on the bottom or at the waist.
  • Smaller prints are more flattering than larger prints.
  • Brighter colors tend to draw more attention, so use them wisely.
  • Suits with string ties and keyhole details usually don’t provide enough support.
  • Sporty tops are a good go-to for comfort and style.  These days there are more and more sporty options.
  • Bikinis: look for solid tops with strappy details and patterns on the bottoms.
  • One piece: look for prints, belts and embellishments on the lower half.
Guide to Large Bust Swimsuits: What to buy, where to buy and how to style.  Pin now, read later.
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Where to Find Large Bust Swimsuits:

  • ASOS
  • Bare Necessities Which carries brands like Pour Moi, Freya, Fantasie, Miracle Suit, Miss Mandalay… and more that specifically cater to large bust sizes.
  • Fig Leaves Which carries its own signature brand as well as other brands that specialize in bigger cups.
  • Rigby & Peller Worn by the Queen and Kate Middleton, but you can get them stateside and for less than royal prices.

Shop Bust Minimizing Suits:

What’s your biggest swimsuit hang-up?

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What’s your biggest swimsuit hang-up?  Comment below.


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