We’ve arrived home from Paris safely in time to spend the last week of the year with our friends here in Arizona.  I must say that I’ve returned a changed woman.  Paris captured my heart and inspired me to be more creative and work even harder for all of you in the coming year.

Upon arriving in Paris, the first thing we did was head to the Eiffel Tower to see her in all her grandeur.  We grabbed some wine and cheese while we waited to commence our official tour of the tower.

Us In Front Of Eiffel tower
Our first view of this beauty. She was more than I expected.
The Sunset Over River Seine
We made our way up the tower to the upper level at dusk. By the time we were through waiting in lines and riding the car to the top, we were greeted with the most beautiful sunset over the River Seine.
Complete Bliss
I’ve been waiting to find myself in this spot in the world for 15 years and he finally made it happen.
View From Atop the Eiffel Tower
The views were absolutely breathtaking.
Paris at Night
They love their ferris wheel’s in Paris.
Statue of Liberty, Paris
Paris hosts three smaller replicas of Lady Liberty. This one is located on Île aux Cygnes (Aisle of Swans).
L'Arc Du Triomphe
L’arc Du Triomphe towers gloriously over the Parisian architecture.
Parisian Round About
Paris is known for round about streets.
Eiffel Tower's Beam Shines Strong
You can see how bright the Eiffel Tower shines.
Eiffel Tower Up Close
The structure is amazing up close.
Under the Eiffel Tower
After the tour, we walked the grounds. This is a view of the moon through the legs of the tower.
Under the Eiffel Tower.
The view from below.  There is so much beauty in the convergence.
Eiffel Tower Shines
Enjoying the light show from a bridge over the River Seine.
Cheers Eiffel Tower
On our last night in Paris, we made our way back to our starting point and brought Champagne and crêpes. I could have stayed all night.
Cheers Light Show
And then the show…
Au Revoir La Tour Eiffel
Our tour guide said, “One must have to return home in order to fully appreciate this moment.” Au revoir la Tour Eiffel. Je t’aime Paris. Je vais retourner.



Kate Thakkar

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