Jumpsuits are chic and on trend right now.

Rent The Runway Jumpsuit
Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit available for rent.  Also in black.

Getting a jumpsuit that fits right and flatters your figure is the key to getting the look.  The most difficult area to fit is the torso length.  Be sure to try the jumpsuit on ahead of time or read reviews if you are planning to rent a jumpsuit for an event.  I always take advantage of the free second size from Rent the Runway.

Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit- Available on RTR
Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit– Available on RTR

What I love best about fit of this jumpsuit is that it is snug around the natural waist (the smallest part of your waist- usually considerably higher than where we wear most of our pants).  The natural waistline makes me look slim, while the pants are looser and even have pleats for added fullness around the hips.  This makes my athletic build a bit more like an hourglass.

Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit
Hunter Bell Bright Side Jumpsuit

The neckline on this jumpsuit is shaped similarly to a racer back.  This shape creates an hourglass illusion which compliments the bust area.  I skipped the necklace because the shape is so gorgeously crafted and I wanted that to be the focus at the neckline.  The topstitching over the bust area frames the bust nicely as well.  The topstitching at the waistline combined with ‘V’ shaped top, create a slimming effect.

Oxblood Prada Pumps
Oxblood Prada Pumps

The zipper closure allows for the pant to hug the ankle and rest over the top of the shoe, which makes the whole leg look longer.  If you wanted to look as tall as possible, you would pair this pant with a white or nude shoe.  I chose to add a pop of color and I LOVE that this year’s Pantone color of the year is Oxblood.

Purple Prada Sunnies
Purple Prada sunnies for another pop of color.
Prada bag with Anarchy Street Jewelry
Prada bag and Anarchy Street Jewelry. Use offer code Kate_10 for 10% off your Anarchy Street purchase.

I chose a larger bag because I was attending a semi-casual charity event.  Since the outfit reads glam, the oversized bag tones the look down.

Anarchy Street Jewelry
Nailed It bangle $28, Slave to the Game bracelet ( 🙁 no longer available), Parallel Crossing Ring set $36. Use offer code Kate_10 for 10% off your Anarchy Street purchase.

If you’ve got jumpsuit fever too, be daring and go for it!  Proper fit and styling will get you the rocking look you’re going for.


Kate Thakkar

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