How to Use Dry Shampoo and Review of Drybar Triple Sec 3 in 1

When you can’t wash your hair every single day, dry shampoo is life, but do you really know how to use dry shampoo?  Make sure you’re getting the most out of your product.

Triple Sec 3 in 1 Dry Shampoo by Drybar Review:

Hair stylists tell us not to wash our hair every day.  Yeah yeah, but what about when I hit the gym and my hair is gross and flat?!

Before Picture: Dry Shampoo that really works!
Before Picture- Here you see me about 36 hours since my last hair wash. Yes, I shower more frequently :p I just use a cap. Hair is looking pretty flat and lifeless.

How to Use Dry Shampoo:

To apply dry shampoo, separate areas around your crown and spray into your roots.   This should leave your hair feeling a bit damp.  Then use your hair dryer to dry your roots.  I try to use low heat or the cool setting.  The only time I ever need to use the heat to do dry shampoo is if my hair is really sweaty from a workout- which this stuff works wonders on as well.

This is after the application of Triple Sec Dry Shampoo.
This is after the application of DrybarTriple Sec 3-in-1.

What I love best about this product is that it goes on feeling a bit wet like hairspray instead of a powdery dry spray.  I have used a variety of dry shampoos and when I was naturally blonde it really didn’t matter one from the other, but after I went dark, the white spots were obvious and difficult to disguise.  I’ve also used dry shampoo on my husband’s black hair.  In the photo below, we have both used this product before stepping out.  No white spots!

Dry Shampoo that doesn't leave white spots on even the darkest of hair.
A rare hubs spotting on the blog!

Since he’s been growing his hair out, we’ve tried a number of dry shampoos on it and Drybar is the only one that hasn’t left icky white spots and flakes in his hair.  Black hair is the ultimate test and this product passes with ease!

The before and after transformation.
The before and after transformation with just the use of dry shampoo.

How to use dry shampoo the right way.This is quite a transformation!  My hair is now prepped and ready to be styled (in about 5 minutes).

The final look! And btw, even though my hair could use a good scrub, it now smells delightful and feels clean to the touch.

The final look! And btw, even though my hair could use a good scrub, it now smells delightful and feels clean to the touch.   In the above pic my hair only has Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 in it; no other products were used.

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