How To Properly Roll Your Sleeves

Ok, so there are a ton of ways to roll your sleeves.  I always found it difficult to commit to a rolled sleeve for an entire work day because they are constantly coming undone and flopping around.  One day, I stumbled upon the technique used for fashion editorial shoots.  Ever notice that the sleeves on models look perfectly constructed as if they could wear them all day and the cuffs would stay in place.

There’s a reason the cuffs stay in place in magazine shoots, they use a different technique for rolling them than flipping them end over end.

How to Properly Roll Your Sleeves

Using this technique, the sleeves also fit a bit looser and are more comfortable.  Also, take a close look at step four, if you leave just a bit of the cuff showing outside of the roll, the contrasting inner cuff will show and your beau won’t lose the details of the inside cuff.

I am not kidding you; when men see my Hubbie’s shirt cuffs rolled with this technique, I have a line form next to our table, so I can teach them all how to use this technique.  Whether it’s a wedding or a night out, this technique is so much more comfortable than the standard approach to the cuff roll.

Have you tried it yet?  What do you think?


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Kate Thakkar

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