How to pick out your skin care products

It’s a bit daunting to go to the department store and see counter after counter of “the best products for you skin.”  How on earth am I supposed to know what products to use?

Get Help

Different skin has different needs.  By far the best thing I’ve done for my skin is find an aesthetician who is helpful and forthcoming with information.  Sure, Renee is my friend, but I know she is just as helpful to clients as well.

I went for a couple of facials prior to seeing her and I didn’t really know what they did to my face or for what I should have asked.  This happens all too often.  I didn’t know for what to ask, so I left with a feeling as though I had paid too much and learned nothing about my skin or how to care for it and later developed a lovely acne breakout.  If this has been the case for you as you’ve set out to find the proper regimen, you need a new gal.  Don’t be discouraged, keep shopping around and you’ll find someone with whom you click.

Know your needs

There are certain skin care products you should start using just by age, regardless of specific concerns.


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In your twenties, you should begin preventing skin damage.  Start investing in products that protect your skin and prevent wrinkles and premature lines.  You should be using sunscreen daily.  For my best prevention picks, read more here.




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My 30’s have looked and felt great on me.  I owe it to taking care of my skin.

Skin cell turn over begins to decline significantly.  Exfoliating away dead skin cells needs to become a part of your regular routine.  There are lots of options for exfoliating.  I mix it up with products at home, dermaplaning at home and occasionally do the a peel and professional dermaplaning.  If you’ve enjoyed my dermaplaning tag-along video, follow me through a chemical peel and home dermaplaning soon to come on Make-Up Monday’s.

Exfoliate your skin weekly for smooth healthy looking skin.   I share how easy this one works; great for lazy bums like me.


In you’re 40’s, past damage can start to surface in the form of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.  Look for products that moisturize and fight wrinkles with retinoids and repairing peptides.  Check into your insurance.  If you have a good plan for medications, you may be better off getting a prescription for Retin-A than paying a fortune for over the counter products.  My insurance gets me my Retin-A for significantly cheaper than products over the counter.  Remember to only use Retin-A at night and if you’re having any procedure done on your face, it’s a good idea to call a few weeks out and ask if you need to discontinue use at any point prior to your appointment.  My absolute favorite moisturizer that doubles as a makeup primer is Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré.

Best Skin Care Picks


Skin’s natural oils begin to deplete in your 50’s, so shop for products that plump, firm and hydrate.  I recently discovered the Algenist line.  While I’m not in my 50’s, I have a connective tissue disease that causes defective collagen resulting in loose skin, fragile and sensitive skin.  I have never ever found another line that actually improved the quality of my skin.  After one use, my skin felt more supple and firm.


Good luck shopping, hopefully you know what to look for or at least what to ask for.  If you have any questions, feel free to message me or comment below.



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