How To Pack Everything You Need Into A Small Suitcase

I realize that this may be a “first world problem” as my husband and I call them, but I need to be able to overpack for a weekend, so I have the freedom to change my mind.  Out of necessity, I have mastered the art of stuffing all of said stuff into a tiny suitcase.  “Tetris Packing,” my hubbie calls it.  Take a look as I stuff everything you see in the photo below into the suitcase in the middle.

I'm about to fit all of this into the small suitcase in the middle. Watch me on

Try it for yourself!  Just wanted to say that I misspoke in the video, I do usually post on Tuesdays; I just don’t usually post videos on Tuesdays.  Videos are usually beauty related and go up on Mondays.

What are your weekend essentials?



Kate Thakkar

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