How to Not Wash Your Hair for 5 Days and Still Look Great

If you want healthy hair, you should not wash your hair more than a few times a week.  We’ve all heard that before.

Many women with great hair tell me they go 5 plus days without washing their hair.   How do they do it?  They look fabulous; I do it and I look like a homeless.  Seriously, I could be a “fail meme.”

Previously, I’d been shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing and that’s about it.  Isn’t that what everyone does/has been doing forever?  I tried various methods like rinsing with cold water and using a strange variety of products.  The results were pretty much the same; zero notable difference in appearance coupled with unpleasant side effects like shivering and stinky hair.  I have also always felt like the lather shown in shampoo commercials is somehow staged.  I would have to use an entire bottle to get the kind of foam you see on tv.  Maybe I just use shampoo with less detergent, I would think.

The secret to getting your hair to last a full 4-5 days without washing is to wash it properly.  I made a minor change to my showering routine and it has made a huge impact on the look of my hair.

What’s the secret already?!

How to Not Wash Your Hair for 5 Days

The key to not washing your hair for 5 days and still looking good is…

How to not wash your hair for 5 days and still look good.
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It’s already written on the bottle.  Shampoo, rinse, repeat.  The key is to repeat; shampoo it twice.  It’s that easy.  Shampooing twice removes excess product and residue, leaving hair clean and ready for styling.  If your hair doesn’t lather well in the shower, it likely has too much residual product or, unfortunately, grease.

After the first shampoo, my hair feels like it typically does when I wash it, but the second shampoo lathers just like the commercials and leaves my hair feeling clean.  I follow the second shampoo with conditioner, just like normal.  Currently, I’m using the Davines energizing shampoo to boost hair growth after my botched experience with extensions and for the second shampoo, I’m using the super gentle Melu shampoo.  If my hair weren’t damaged, I would use a clarifying shampoo like, Oribe The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo, followed by Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color 8.5 oz..

Shampooing twice also allows for more frequent deep conditioning treatments, which is exactly what my thirsty, damaged hair needs.

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