How to Contour Eye Shadow

…And i snuck in an easy trick for a cat eye

We’ve all seen the eye shadow tutorials on Pinterest and Instagram; looks so simple right?  If you’ve struggled to recreate that perfect eye shadow look, don’t worry!  I got you.

Easiest Eye Shadow Contouring Technique
Easy eye shadow contouring guide. Seriously, this is so easy, even with the Cat Eye.


Smokey Eye Brush Set
These are the brushes you will need for this look; Smokey Eye Brush Set, $39.  

Starting from right to left, you have the Shadow Brush used for applying shadow (second color in my video), Base Brush used for application of base color (first color in my video), Precision Smudge Brush used for applying dark color within the crease (brush I used to apply darkest crease color and blend), Smudge Brush (I didn’t use this one because I like the control of the smaller precision smudge brush, Angled Liner Brush used to apply dark color as a liner (Last brush used and probably the most important brush to have for an easier liner application.

For more info on how to grow your lashes out like mine, check out my blog post on Lashes.

Best of luck experimenting with this look.  Remember, the best time to practice make-up is before bed.  If you don’t like it, you’re going to wash it off anyway!



Kate Thakkar

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