How I Found My Own Personal Style

I haven’t always been as stylish as I am now.  In fact, I didn’t have a clue.  Style is your personal signature and it says more about you than you can possibly say upon meeting a new person.  I didn’t always understand that there was a message behind it.  Developing my signature didn’t happen over night, it was a journey.

My Journey To Personal Style: Before Pic

There’s nothing majorly wrong with the photo above. It’s a photo of a girl who mathced everything and it doesn’t say anything about the girl I was then, except that I lacked a voice.

I’ve blindly followed trends based on what my Pinterest feed told me I should like.  Prior to the advent of Pinterest, my influences stemmed from a multitude of pop culture references.  Every day at 3:30, Carson Daly and his black pinky nail would tell me who were the top ten coolest music artists.   I was only lucky enough for to catch Total Request Live and other teen influencers when I wasn’t too busy with sports, which was always.  One factor has always held strong; even if my style sense resembled that of a moody adolescent vacillating between pop star bad girl and boring girl next door, I was never afraid of risks.

My Britney Spears Phase
Britney Spears phase. Circa 2002’ish


Boring! I may have regressed.
















I bring you these photos not to poke fun at myself or anyone else who hasn’t yet found their fashionable voice, but to demonstrate the journey.  So what changed?

I narrowed the statement I wanted my style to make.  My style says:  I am a force with which to be reckoned; I am sexy, but not for the sake of it (I won’t wear a super tight dress just because sexy is the goal); I am strong; I am creative.

Ty-LR The Rapid Dress

My Journey Toward Personal Style

My Personal Style Journey

While all three of these looks are very different, the woman I represent is very much the same.

I also took the time to learn how to dress for my body type.  I’m short, 5’1″ short, can’t help it, but I can work with it.  You can work with your body type too.  Play up your best features!  Here’s a post I did to get you started.

How to dress for your body type

Just a change of shoes can make your legs look leaner and longer.  See the rest of the details here.

Having a clear voice and a sense of what works for me have been the two greatest influences on my style.  I feel like I have a style that I own and I alone can claim.  Having a voice means that I’m no longer confused about what I like and I feel confident in my choices.

How did you find your sense of style?


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